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How to Use a ZX Injector Apk?

A ZX injector Apk is an easy-to-use tool that will help you customize your car’s look and performance. It is easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge. Simply download the app from the link provided below and launch it. Once the app launches, you can choose the category and skin you want to inject. Then, press the inject button to inject the desired skin or category.

The body number of a ZX injector Apk and Nix Injector are important indicators of the injector’s performance. This number is found on the injector’s plug or scribed on the injector itself. High-performance injectors have a high body number and low-performance injector has a low body number.

The body number of a ZX injector  Apk may look like “EAT287”. This number can mean either a 10 or 12-hole spray head. While the difference is small, it is important to note the body number. The number is typically read on the left side of a ZX injector Apk body. The body number is printed in a square block.

What is ZX Injector APK?

The injection rate of ZX injector  Apk depends on the injection pressure. The higher the injection pressure, the higher the injection rate. As the injection pressure increases, the mass flow rate and jet velocity at the outlet increase. This leads to a decrease in the transition period and increases in the injection rate. The nozzle diameter was adjusted to increase the flow rate.

In Fig. 5, the injection event repeats four times at different ambient pressures. The spray-cone angle temporal variation was quantified for both layouts and satisfactory repeatability obtained. The cone angle distribution plot with time using base gasoline and statistical error estimated for both injectors. The time values in the horizontal axis the show in the non-dimensional form, and the mean value sum of all measurements for each injector layout.

When comparing the two injector models, you can see that ZX6 injectors have a higher flow rate. This is a 42% increase. Hence, when comparing the two, you can see which one gives the best results. And there are several good reasons for going for the larger one.

The flow rate of ZX injector corresponds to maximum fuel flow at a given pressure. The fluid flow in the injector measured in cubic centimeters per minute (cc/min) or pounds per hour (lbs/h). Flow rate a standard measurement used for injectors. If the injector has a higher flow rate, it means it can produce more fuel. if you want more information then you can visit over official site

Features of the ZX Injector Apk:

Another important criterion for determining injection rate is the injection pressure. Higher pressures result in higher injection rates. The injection pressure was seting to 0.5 MPa, and the hole size was 0.15 mm. When the injection pressure increased, the injection rate increased steadily and the needle wobble decreased.

Body number

The internal flow of the injector is a complex process. Huang and colleagues analyzed the effects of injection pressure and hole diameter on the atomization of a diesel blend. They found that increasing the nozzle diameter increased the amount of fuel injected. They also found that the length-to-diameter ratio influenced the amount of fuel atomization.


Unless you’re a mechanic or an auto technician, cleaning a ZX injector is not a DIY job. These devices  pressurize and electrically triggered, which means they’re extremely dangerous to clean yourself. Not only can you damage the internal workings of the injectors, but you’ll also risk starting a fire from the cleaning fluid.

To clean the injector, remove the large O-ring located beneath the steel plate. This is right underneath the two screws. You’ll want to remove this O-ring because probably clogged with gunk. If it’s still stuck, replace it with a new one.


In order to maintain your ZX injector, you need to make sure that it works properly. A dead injector can cause various problems, such as dirty valves or worn return springs. It can be difficult to diagnose this without a tool, so it is best to visit a professional auto shop for help.

When your fuel injectors fail to deliver fuel, it can result in engine malfunctions, including misfiring. You may also notice that your engine has difficulty accelerating. This is because the air/fuel mixture is not mixing properly. Often, this problem will detect a “Check Engine” light.

Inspecting fuel injectors is important, whether you have a TBI or EFI system. You can check the injector by spraying fuel in the fuel system. The fuel should spray in an inverted V pattern, so if you see a solid spray, you need to clean it. If the spray is irregular, however, then the injector damage.


Clean your fuel injectors regularly to eliminate clogging. Fuel injectors should clean with a fuel injector cleaner, which is cheap and easy to buy. You should use the cleaner every few months, usually around your oil change or whenever you fill-up the gas tank. If your fuel injectors are severely dirty, however, you should have them cleaned by a professional mechanic. This service can cost $50-$100, depending on the extent of the damage.


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