Why is BJAS the Best Acting School in India?

When you decide to make your dream of being a successful actor come true, you need to learn acting skills. For this, you want to take admission in one of the best acting schools. And your search makes you come across the names of some prestigious and leading acting schools like National School of Drama (Delhi), BJAS (Delhi and Mumbai), and FTII (Pune). Some of you may have a query like Why BJAS is the best acting school in Mumbai and Delhi. To get this query solved, you need to focus on features and facilities that BJAS offers to its students. Have a look at all of them one by one.   

It is an institute of the world class

In over 20 years, BJAS has established itself as a world class acting school. Students who studied and learnt acting skills here are working as an actor or producer across the world. Most of them are in London, New York, and Peru. Its full-time Diploma in Film Acting covers all the parts of a toolbox an actor needs to be successful – the mind, the body, the voice, and Improvisation. 

It enables to have numerous opportunities 

A large number of BJAS graduates are working actors in film, theatre, production, casting, and television channels. Famous actors like Varun Dhawan, Richa Chadda, Frieda Pinto, and Duquer Salmaan learnt acting at BJAS. 

It helps turn you inside out

This acting school in Delhi and Mumbai does not teach acting skills. Instead its courses help you become an actor. The institute has a team of highly educated, skilled, and experienced teachers who guide you how you can become successful in a life-changing journey. Most of its graduates state that the acting course has been a unique experience. Due to the course, they have noticed a transformation in their viewpoints, personal behaviour, and attitudes. And the course helped them to become a better actor and a better person. 

Learning and techniques you get at BJAS last for a lifetime    

BJAS acting classes include both classic and modern techniques from India and other countries of the world. Instructors at BJAS do not stick to a single acting method while guiding students. They use numerous techniques and methods to transform students into actors. And every method or technique has a specific purpose and helps students improve their skills in a particular area. The techniques learnt here help students for the entire time of acting. 

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It offers short to long term courses 

BJAS is the best acting school as it comprehends the needs of aspiring actors. It has short to long term courses like Diploma in Film Acting, Certificate in Acting, Weekend Filmmaking, Young Actors Club, and Corporate & Film Preparation Workshops. The short-term courses help aspiring actors have a quick entry in the film, television, and entertainment industry while the long-term courses offer in-depth knowledge of acting. 


BJAS is the best acting school as it holds more than 20 years of teaching experience and offers all types of support to students to become successful actors. From acting skills to work on the body, mind, and voice, and audition, it turns students inside out.

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