Why Is Absence Management System Important In Every Organization?

The absence management system is core to improving any business’s productivity by reducing employee absenteeism and driving maximum use of all resources available. With the right tools and policies, absence management planning can become a much simpler task than traditional forms. Absenteeism can result from planned and exceptional reasons such as unwellness, family emergencies, maternity leave, etc. If there is no absence management solution in place, that can bring about negative results for your business.

The results of bad absence management can include extra workload for other employees, burnout, understaffing at vital points, and employee dissatisfaction. You should first have a proper absence management policy and good attendance management software.

What is Absence Management?

Absence management ensures your business’ objectives and clarifies your employees’ rights whenever they are off from work. A good absence management ought to give the employee what is good for them and minimise the company’s time, workload and losses.It should have a clear directive on who should be informed in case of absence. It should explain how to process leave days and salary for compensation during the absence.

How to Monitor Employee Absence

There are many ways to track employee absences. We can do it manually or via software systems. Electronic devices have been proven to be more effective and time-saving, lower costs and more accurate. Softworks have some built-in features to help monitor and track employee time and attendance. They have biometric and facial recognition as well as the card swipe option. The absence management system should monitor both planned and unplanned holidays. Planned off includes doctors’ appointments, holidays, and any other days requested and approved as a holiday in advance.

Family emergencies, sicknesses, and accidents come under unplanned off. Unplanned absences cause staffing issues if they come at the wrong time. A proper absence management solution can rectify such issues with real-time changes. The implementation of electronic monitoring of employee absences can reduce the rate of employee absenteeism. In older and manual recording and absence investigating, a lot of time is wasted and requires all departments to be in communication.

The Benefits of Absence Management Solutions:

It is only possible to achieve full employee attendance because of illnesses and emergencies that will always happen. With the use of the right absence management solutions, employees can notify management of absences easily and highlight the problem areas.

With the absence of management solutions, some departments may have the right workforce, and employees can be taking advantage of problem areas. Using the right software improves planning and covers any issues.

1. Less time spent on admin tasks

Recording the leave days takes a lot of HR staff’s time. It typically involves checking through the leave days that have been requested and also examining the remaining holiday allowance. An automatic system will provide all of such information in a single click. A specific portal help the employees and managers to use and plan the leave days added there.

2. Improved Employee Well-Being

Having a good absence management system will help improve employees’ health and well-being. A stressed or burnt-out workforce is not good for your business and fellow employees. Easy management for leave days and having systems to manage unforeseen days off will reduce stress and make it easier to plan the work.

3. Help to Reduce Employee Non-attendance

Absence management solutions can reduce absenteeism in different ways. First, they minimise the number of unplanned leave days. Once employees know they are being monitored, they will be less likely to take an unauthorised leave of work.

Though this is not the sole aim, monitoring attendance and on-site time help reduce absenteeism. You can also monitor progress reports and other such data available within software systems.

4. Save Financial Losses

An employee’s absence on a regular basis can cost a lot of money to businesses and reduce the project’s progression. Absent employees can impose extra work on other colleagues who must take over their roles. Added costs can include employee overtime pay, loss of revenue due to understaffing and bad customer service. You can minimise or eliminate such problems with automated absence management solutions.

5. Help to Understand the Trends and their Main Causes:

By monitoring your employees’ absenteeism, with the absent management system, you also learn what has caused this non-attendance and how to solve these issues. You can also see the frequency of employee absence and its overall impact on company growth.


You can not stop it because absenteeism is always going to happen at work from time to time. But you can ensure it aligns with the company’s operating procedures whenever it happens. Absence management solutions are the surefire way to guarantee smooth operations.

Concrete policies with the right software solutions, such as Softworks, ensure that absence is not a major issue for your business. It also helps to reduce any existing problems.

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