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Why do we need sleep and what is the sleep-wake cycle?

We spend the majority of our lives asleep, and the cycle of sleep-wake in our bodies decides when we require sleep and when we need to remain awake.

We know that ideals and realities often don’t sit on the same level. There are a myriad of things that could alter the ratio of sleep-wake cycles in the current moment. We are seeing an unprecedented level of sleep deprivation.

The cycle of sleep and wake ensures that our body can remove waste products from the brain during the night. So it is able to function at maximum capacity in the morning.

The various parts of our bodies, as well as our brains, need an hour of rest and recuperation following a busy day. This is crucial for restoring physical strength and strengthening the immune system of our body.

Shift work and its effects on the sleep-wake cycle

In the days before the introduction of electricity and the emergence of the modern sleep revolution, we were almost force to stay in bed at night and then get our work complete during the day when the sun was shining.

The majority of our jobs and professions were center around the hours of daylight. Which meant that it was relatively easy for nearly everyone to have an essentially regular, but not perfect, sleep-wake cycle.

However, we now have electricity. And an abundance of devices emitting light that allow us to get work accomplishe even at night.

This has resulted in many different industries splitting their workforce into shifts that keep their production up and running all day, every day. We can also find shifts for the mornings, nights, as well as afternoon shifts. There are sometimes graveyard shifts.

This is due to the fact that the body is require to go through its 8 hours of rest in the evening hours. In the summer when sunlight is shining, because the sun plays an important part in the control of sleep. And wake cycles.

Since those who work shifts frequently require rest during the day and remain awake at night. Many people are susceptible to being affect by Shift Work.

Individuals suffering from sleep disorders resulting from shift work frequently feel tired and disoriented when they work. Additionally, it causes impairment in memory, slows cognitive function and reduces productivity.

There are numerous health risks associate with shift work sleep disorders, including a greater risk of developing heart disease and fatigue, body pain, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and excessive sleepiness.

How to handle shift work sleep disorder and minimize the health risks associated with it?

If you’re concern that you could be at risk of being afflict by the sleep disorders of shift workers.  Are facing a myriad of problems with your health or productivity during your night-shifts or rotating shifts. It is recommend that you seek an appointment with your doctor.

If you’re diagnose with this condition, your doctor could prescribe different treatments. This could comprise medications like Waklert because they contain the medications Modafinil and Armodafinil, which are specifically designed to treat this disorder.

Your doctor might also recommend some suggestions, like sleeping in a dark space in the daytime. Or getting ample sunshine during the day to restore the cycle of sleep-wake and fight the negative effects of a lack of sleep at night.

Complete darkness in your bedroom and reducing the temperature will help you get a more restful sleep throughout the day.

Medicines like Artvigil are extensively used in treating sleepiness caused by shifts at work. Many report that it boosts their work productivity.

If you are able, let nature do the work of repairing wear and tear from the nights of restful sleep at the end of the night.

A regular nap and avoiding eating food that is too close to the time you go to sleep throughout the day as well as in the evening can aid in getting better rest. And help keep your sleep-wake cycle in good shape. You can get more information about at

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