Why Are Car Door Decals The Best Marketing Option? It’s Time To Reveal The Truth!

Decals are a great choice if you want to add some personality to your car or advertise your brand with company vehicles. Custom car door decals can bring your vision to life in a few easy steps. Consider a few things as you turn your car into a billboard. This guide streamlines the process and answers all of your queries about how to make car decals.

Why Choose Car Door Decals?

Car door decals offer affordable and efficient ways to be seen on the road. It’s cool to use your vehicle to publicize when you add well-designed car decals. There are many different decal design styles and materials to explore. These choices are customizable, durable, and quick to produce. The great news is that you can design decals from the comfort of your own home. Car decals are your perfect marketing tool if you’re looking to boost your brand without breaking your budget.

Виниловые наклейки на машину

Different Types of Custom Car Decals

Car door decals can come in various shapes, beautiful sizes, and materials. 

Here is a list of the most famous types of decals and their persistence:

  • Magnetic Car Signs: If you aren’t ready to promise a traditional car decal, a magnetic car sign may be a worthy option. This option is cool to apply and remove, which is great if you switch vehicles or use your car for personal and proficient determinations.
  • Opaque Car Decals: A dense car decal is a perfect choice when you want your message to pop. In addition, add dimension to your decal when you select a non-see-through border. If your company colors are similar to your car’s paint, an opaque decal with a high-contrast border will help your message stand out.
  • Clear Car Decals: This see-through option is just as durable as the opaque options. Transparent vinyl will outlast road debris and weather conditions. Moreover, clear car stickers give your message a sleek look. Both opaque and transparent decals come in various sizes and shapes, so you can find the perfect fit for your vehicle’s needs.
  • Window Decals: Custom car decals are great if you’re looking for a smaller option. There are plenty of custom printing designs and sizing selections to select from.
  • Bumper Stickers: Bumper printing stickers give your car a personalize touch. Moreover, custom stickers make perfect gifts too. 

Whether you need to add some humor to your car or commemorate a special event, there are numerous custom bumper sticker designs to help you bring your vision to life.

Wholesale Custom Car Decals- Choose Your Design

Once you have chosen your wholesale custom car decals type, it’s time to design. First, you should consider what purpose your sticker serves. If you aim to advertise a business, make sure your decal design choices align with your current company’s colors, fonts, and copy.

Custom decal shapes can develop your message, but it is essential to stick with shapes that work well with your overall brand image. In addition, if your company pays a lot of bold, straight lines in its logo, a curved decal shape may conflict with that aesthetic.

Several templates make it easy to create an appealing design. In addition, when you decide on a custom template, consider visual hierarchy and look for a structure that will emphasize the most critical parts of your message. 

This step guarantees quality reproduction for your images. High-resolution photos will produce the best-printed pictures of car door decals.

“Advertising brings in customers, but word-of-mouth brings in the best customers.”

  • The Flawless Placement

The placement of your sticker determines a lot about its size, design, and material. When considering your placement options, ensure the decal does not block your or another motorist’s ability to see. The front driver and inside doors are great places to put your decal. Moreover, a rear or side window location is excellent for smaller decals too.

Honda Decal Sticker S2000 Civic Type R Integra Accord Turbo F1 Vtec Pair.

  • Application Considerations for Car Decals Wholesale

Once you receive your car decals wholesale, it’s time to apply them to your car. Follow these major steps for flawless application:

  1. Clean the car’s surface and let it dry thoroughly. Use soapy water, clean the area, and avoid cleaners that leave residue or film behind, which will weaken the adhesive.

2. Determine where you will place your sticker. Avoid placing stickers over multiple doors or your trunk to avoid scratches and tears. Make sure the surface is smooth and flat, and the wholesale decal is even.

3. Use a custom decal to place the decal in the right position and keep it in place by taping the corners. In addition, keep the glue backing on the decal for now.

4. Allow the custom printing decal to dry for thirty minutes before removing the transfer tape on the front of the decal.

5. Place the tool’s edge on the center of the car door decals and work your way out in a clockwise direction.

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