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Which Doctor to Consult for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain a firm erection required for sexual intercourse. Commonly known as ED, it can happen due to several factors.

According to a recent study, ED affects around one-third of men. Although it is a prevalent dysfunction, not many men seek help. It is associated with shame and embarrassment. Many men live with it for years without coming out and talking about it. 

Sexless relationships do not go far and tend to create a gap between two partners. Erectile disorder can slowly destroy a relationship. More than that, ED can indicate underlying health conditions, making a timely diagnosis necessary.

The best treatment for erectile dysfunction varies for each person, and only a good sexologist can recommend a suitable option. It is a normal phase in aging, but men can remain sexually active with the help of a sexologist. 


Several physical and psychological factors can cause erectile dysfunction and are categorized as follows – 


· Heart disease

· Increased blood pressure

· High cholesterol

· Diabetes

· Obesity

· Autoimmune disorders like Multiple Sclerosis

· Neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease

· Cancer

· Tobacco use

· Weak pelvic muscles


· Stress

· Depression

· Guilt

· Anxiety

· Relationship issues


A good sexologist will take up a complete physical and psychological assessment to diagnose the condition and unveil the exact cause. Only then can a treatment plan be suggested to the patient. 

Our team of experts at Dr. Arora’s Men’s Wellness Clinic helps you through the entire journey. 

Treatment Plan

The treatment varies according to the reason causing the sexual dysfunction.

Various treatment modalities are –

Medicines – A doctor prescribes pills to aid erection at first in most cases. These pills can have side effects and should consume when advised by an expert. 

Hormones – A sexologist prescribes artificial male hormones like testosterone if a person has a deficiency. An adequate level of testosterone has the potential to reverse the dysfunction.

Injections – Patients can take injections where medicines are not a good choice. A doctor teaches the patient to administer the dose on the side of the penis before intercourse. These injections relax the blood vessels that help in an erection.

Shock wave Therapy – One of the latest non-invasive technologies used for patients with ED is Shock wave Therapy. It uses high-strength sound waves to enhance blood flow to the penis and helps with erections. 

Surgical intervention – If nothing seems to work on an erectile dysfunction penis, surgery can always come in handy and resolve the issue.

Penile implants are also an option that simulates the natural mechanism of getting an erection. 

Counseling – Psychological aid is helpful in cases with mental blocks. A therapist addresses the mental issues and provides suitable way-outs. Coping with mental disorders helps in rectifying sexual dysfunctions. 

The best treatment for erectile dysfunction depends on the situation, and only a sexologist can recommend the best treatment plan for you. 

How Can You Keep Sexual Dysfunctions at Bay Naturally?

Maintain weight – Obesity is linked with sexual dysfunctions like erectile disorder. Keep your weight in check to live a disease-free life.

Diet – Control the junk food intake and eat at home as much as possible. Include whole foods, fruits, and vegetables in the diet.

Exercise – Dedicate a fixed amount of time to focus on physical activity. Do not make excuses, and make it a daily habit.

Smoking – Smoking can harden the penile blood vessels that cause ED. Quit smoking to lead a healthy life.

Alcohol – Excessive alcohol consumption can deplete testosterone levels. Minimize alcohol consumption. 

Stress – Learn ways to deal with stress. Focus on bigger things and find ways to stay happier. 

Supplements – Vitamin D, L-arginine, Lcitrulline, etc., can help with ED. Ask your doctor for the best recommendations. 

Give up a sedentary lifestyle. Choose to stay active throughout the day. Make lifestyle changes to reap benefits in the long run. 

Bottom Line

Erectile dysfunction seems to affect more men than we know. Even in today’s era, only a fraction of men are comfortable talking about it.

Sex is directly related to manhood for most men, and any anomaly makes you weaker. For this reason, men do not consult a sexologist that often. 

Living with dysfunction is not just stressful for you but affects the mental health of your partner. It creates a void and distance between two partners. 

More than that, ED can point towards a serious underlying health condition like a heart ailment. Therefore, it is of extreme importance to consult a sexologist. The dysfunction you have been living with is 100% treatable in maximum cases. 

The best treatment for erectile dysfunction is available at Men’s Wellness Clinic. Book your appointment now. 

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