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Which Crown is Best For Front Teeth?

Which Crown is Best For Front Teeth?

Sometimes a crown needs to be placed on a front tooth. A front tooth crown is often made of tooth-colored materials and should not alter the appearance of your bite or teeth. In fact, today’s front tooth crowns should enhance the beauty, radiance, and naturalness of your smile. Don’t be discouraged if you discover yourself with lost or damaged front teeth. Front-tooth dental crowns are now more natural-looking and durable than ever before. In this blog, we’ll go over stating the reasons for crowning and which crown is best for front teeth?.

Reasons for Crowning a Front Tooth

A dental crown on one of your front teeth may be required in a variety of circumstances. Crowns are used to restore front teeth in the majority of situations. Crowns are occasionally requested for cosmetic reasons.

A crown is usually placed on a tooth for one of the following reasons:

  • The tooth has been severely damaged, such as by a major crack.
  • It has a lot of degradation.
  • It’s broken and thus not working.
  • It has been treated with a root canal.

Your dentist may suggest porcelain fused to metal crown for molars, in which porcelain is put on top of metal. For your front tooth, your dentist may recommend a zirconia, ceramic or porcelain crown, as these materials have a more natural appearance. You might be wondering how sturdy front-tooth crowns are. While front teeth aren’t as strong as molars and they’re subjected to less pressure when chewing, thus porcelain fused to strong metal isn’t required.

Overall, don’t be concerned that a front tooth crown will damage your smile; in fact, with today’s technology, a front tooth crown should appear natural and restore your smile’s sparkling beauty.

Choosing the best crowns for front teeth

Crowns for front teeth are available in a range of materials, including:

  • Zirconia
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Metal
  • A combination of materials

You want the most natural-looking crown you can find for your front teeth. While all crowns are precisely suited to the teeth around them, some crown materials are ideal for front teeth due to their light reflecting qualities. The best dental crown material is zirconia, and Layered zirconia crowns (as opposed to solid zirconia crowns) reflect light better and have a more natural appearance. They are an excellent choice for front teeth crowns due to their natural appearance as well as their durability. Though ceramic also makes the next choice after zirconia, but the best crowns for front teeth are zirconia crowns.

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