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When to fly with Breeze airways and when not to

Breeze Airways is a domestic airline serving the passengers of the United States of America. Breeze airline routes expanded to over 500, including transatlantic flights. The airline’s main motive is to provide low-cost, high-quality service to its passengers so that they are delighted. The passengers can use the Breeze Airlines online check-in page to check in for their flights and stay updated.

Routes served by Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways routes are overall 39 and operates between 16 Southeast and Eastern U.S airports. The airline is no more a regional airline any long. By July 2022, Breeze Airways had expanded its route map and included around 80 routes serving 30 destinations. However, large airports like Atlanta; Charlotte, North Carolina; Dallas; Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., aren’t on Breeze’s route map.


The reason is that Breeze Airways flights solely focus on travel between secondary cities, many of which do not have nonstop airline service. This means that passengers can now travel between Oklahoma City and Tampa without connecting in Dallas or Houston.

Breeze Airways Seats

With the introduction of its new A220 aircraft, Breeze Airways now offers its passengers three types of seats:


  • Excellent seats are the standard-legroom seats and make up much of the plane.
  • Nicer seats offer extra legroom and are generally located toward the front of the aircraft.
  • Nicest seats are found only on A220 aircraft and are equivalent to first-class seats on other domestic airlines.


If you want to book the cheapest nice fare, you cannot avail the option to select your seat for free as it costs $10 to $39 per person to choose a standard-legroom seat. As there are no middle seats on the Embraer jets, you do not have to pay to reserve a seat to avoid getting stuck in the middle. But Breeze’s new A220 aircraft do have middle seats anymore. Hence you might want to pay to reserve a seat.


Nice seats on Breeze Airways’ E190 aircraft consist of 29 inches of pitch. Breeze’s E195 jets comprise 31 inches of pitch. On the other hand, Breeze’s A220 aircraft have 30-31 inches of pitch. If a comparison is made, Spirit and Frontier seats have 28 inches of pitch while American, Delta and United have at least 30 inches. You want extra space and can reserve a nicer extra-legroom seat just for $30 to $79 each way. Nicer fares include a nicer seat reservation without charging any additional cost. The extra-legroom seats have 33 to 39 inches of pitch on the E190 planes and 34 to 39 inches on the E195 jets, and 33 inches on the new A220-300 aircraft.

Best time to fly on Breeze Airways

Finding a cheap flight on Breeze official website is one of the most flexible methods to get excellent deals and sales.


  • Another popular approach to getting a cheap Breeze Airways flight is to use the most refined search engine to find the cheapest flight to your desired location.
  • Make a Breeze Airways flight booking up to 2-3 months in advance, as airfares of Breeze Airways are cheaper at that period rather than buying closer to the departure date.
  • You might also get a cheap flight ticket with this airline by waiting for seasonal sales for any chosen place they serve.

January is considered the best month to book tickets on Breeze Airways as the airline comes with flash offers through which passengers can get discounted flights. Avoid booking tickets during the peak season or holidays when the airline tends to skyrocket its prices.

Hence breeze airways offer a decent enough standard Economy Class product to satisfy the customer’s needs. The airline offers friendly crews, clean planes, and, more importantly, much faster nonstop service between secondary cities making it more popular among the passengers and giving itself good fame. Therefore do as mentioned above to grab the cheapest deals.


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