What You Should Know About Final Inspection?

“Before launching a product in the market, it is necessary to think about quality inspection of that product. Read this article to know more”.

Most of the time, the third-party inspector of the best inspection agency in India inspects goods before shipment and when the production is finished. This is the only way to confirm the quality of the product. While the other inspection is done to verify the product quality, the final inspection inspects the product and packaging. Read the article till its end to know more about the entire process.

What Is Final Inspection?

Final inspection refers to inspecting things that are 80% or more than completed. It provides an accurate report about the critical insights into your product quality that a customer expects from you. Depending on the report of the last inspection, the manufacturers or QC staff accept or reject the batch of manufactured products.

What Is The Purpose Of Final Inspection?

The final inspection by the best inspection agency in India is the last chance to verify the quality of the manufactured product. This is also a step to ensure that the products are ready for shipment. The inspector finds the defects and wrongs in the products, and then they send it to the manufacturer to fix things up.

What To Inspect?

The third-party inspectors inspect the following things in the final inspection, these are given below:

* Inclusion and Exclusion: This process makes sure that everything that needs to be included and excluded is taken care of. These items need to be detailed in the contract.

* Finds New Damage: Third-party inspectors discover the inside and outside of the product to discover damages from there. If they find any common damages in the development, they send it to the production house for fixing.

* Cleanliness and Tidiness: The final product should be clean and tidy and free from any manufacturing scrape. Cleanliness and tidiness matter greatly in the final product, so third-party inspectors also take care of it.

* Check The Operation: The third-party inspector also ensures that the product operates well, particularly for the electrical products.

* Safety Step: The safety step is one of the most crucial steps that need special attention. The safety step makes sure that the product is safe for use by the customers. It also ensures that the product meets the required standard and can prevent serious injuries.

The Final Inspection Important Checklist

* Packaging Check: During the final inspection, the inspector checks the packaging in size, dimension and PO information.

* Label Check: The packaging box must have a label containing the following information such as;

  1. Height
  2. Weight
  3. Instruction for handling
  4. Logo
  5. Address of manufacturing house
  6. Content
  7. Product information etc.

However, there will be different checks for checking the garment process, such as:

  1. Colour quality and shades
  2. Fabric conformity
  3. Label, barcode, product conformity
  4. Sewing test and snap solidity test


These are all about the final inspection. This process is conducted not only for goods but also it takes care about carton boxes, packaging, etc. The sole purpose of final inspection from BIS approved testing laboratory in India is to ensure that the customer gets a safe, operational and usable product. You can hire a third-party Inspector from your area to have inspected goods every time.

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