What is the Future Scope of an MBA in India: An Ultimate Career Guide

MBA degree stands as “Masters of Business Administration”, helping students develop their technical, management, and managerial skills. Learners are often seen seeking dissertation help online  in MBA to make a way through the deadlines this genre has to offer.  Nonetheless, MBA as a core corporate degree makes it easy for individuals to make a place in the rat race and come out victorious most of the time. In this content, we will look at the degree of MBA in accordance with India and what it offers to the target audience. But before that, let’s focus on the MBA course benefits that you can incur in the long run.

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  •   Students in their MBA class are made to learn about various techniques that go into starting a new business venture.
  •   The degree helps them gain proper managerial skills in particular sectors, like human resources, management, accounting, and finance.
  •   You get to explore the market, learn about new job opportunities and develop skills accordingly.
  •   Your professional MBA degree helps you stand out from the rest.
  •   You are no longer confined to the terms and conditions set before by a particular company. You can add your learnings to the corporate schedule.


Here is a complete list of some of the best MBA colleges in India:

  •   IIM (Ahmedabad)
  •   IIM (Bangalore)
  •   IIM (Calcutta)
  •   XLRI Xavier School of Management, (Jamshedpur)
  •   Indian School of Business, (Hyderabad)
  •   SPJIMR, (Mumbai)
  •   IIM (Indore)
  •   IIM (Lucknow)
  •   Faculty of Management Studies(FMS), (Delhi)
  •   IIFT (Delhi)


In addition, eligible candidates can bag favourable roles in the following sectors:

  •   Analytical Marketing
  •   Business Development
  •   Senior Research Consultant
  •   Quality Assurance Head
  •   Online Marketing
  •   Social Media Management
  •   Communications Director
  •   Logistics Head
  •   Brand Manager
  •   Media Planner
  •   Public Relations Manager
  •   Market Search Analyst
  •   Retailing Management
  •   Customer Relationship Marketing
  •   Advertising and Promotions Marketing
  •   Product and Brand Management


List of companies in India that hire MBA degree holders:

  •   Amazon
  •   Vodafone
  •   Microsoft
  •   IBM
  •   SAP
  •   Oracle
  •   TATA Consultancy
  •   Kotak Mahindra Bank
  •   HDFC Bank
  •   Google


Now that you are well accustomed to the benefits of an MBA degree and the institutes offering top-notch MBA courses in academics. Let’s find out the various career options available for a degree holder.


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MBA in Finance:

As an MBA in finance, you will be able to work across the various retail, industrial and banking sectors in India and the globe. The degree mainly focuses on helping you learn more about planning, managing, and escalating financial decisions related to an industry. Moreover, as an MBA in finance, you will be able to bag the following career choices:


  •   Finance Manager: Your main aim is to help clients with the management of financial resources and enable better achievement of long-term goals in monetary decisions.
  •   Banker: You will be looking into the financial market of the globe and help different sectors and related organisations make the best out of their mergers, funds and acquisitions.
  •   Business Analyst: The degree makes you adequately capable of analysing the various trends related to a business venture and helping the owner take decisions accordingly. Your main area of work will be Corporate Finance, which focuses on the tasks necessary for maximising stock value, selecting investment portfolios and managing funds.


MBA in Marketing

An MBA degree in marketing focuses on selling your ideas, taking care of distribution channels and consumer behaviour in concerns. Of late, the concept of digital marketing has also made a part in the same alongside the traditional marketing fronts.

  •   Marketing Manager: This is the very basic and idealistic role that you will bag in the corporate world as an MBA degree holder in Marketing. You will represent your brand and plan core strategies to elongate the consumer’s list.
  •   Sales Manager: You are responsible for managing the sales cycle and retaining older customers.  
  •   Product Manager: The company will make you responsible for launching new products and retaining the market profits for the pre-existing ones.
  •   Market Research Analyst: You are responsible for collecting data, analysing it, and conveying it to the team.
  •   Manager in Advertisement: The MBA degree will teach you to plan and advertise individual products across different channels like radio, TV and newspapers. Besides helping the marketing team to meet the targets. 
  •   Digital Marketing Manager: The role has evolved but has profound implications for the business world. As a digital marketing manager, you will work with organic SEO traits, email marketing, SEM and other content marketing opportunities.



Human Resources – MBA 

As a Human Resource Manager, you will need to think about your firm’s overall growth structure. Here, you are made to deal with regular human beings and not products or only non-living resources.

  •   Trainer and Developer: You are responsible for taking care of the employee-specific performances and making them achieve various industrial goals.
  •   Recruit Manager: You will be acquiring the right talent for the company and helping the new recruits with the orientation part. 
  •   Performance Analyser: The company expects you to evaluate the work of the pre-existing employees and make them understand where they are lagging behind and how they can improve.


Operations – MBA

As an MBA degree holder in Operations Management, your area of work is strict but of utmost importance. The basic roles as an operational manager will take you through the core of the business and device plans in concern:

  •   IT Manager: An IT Manager’s main area of work is keeping track of the IT infrastructure and helping the company make the best out of the modern-day trends and available resources.
  •   Operations Manager: They are the stalwarts taking care of the production and manufacturing processes, besides increasing the efficiency levels in general. As an Operations Manager in India, you will be looking after logistics, vendor aspects, inventory and supply chain. 


Final Thoughts

It’s a wrap for you, explaining all the available job aspects for an MBA degree holder in India. The MBA colleges mentioned here are top-notch, providing adequate guidance with various degrees, making you job ready in real-time. 


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