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What Are the Strategies You Should Follow To Gather More Attendees During An Online Event?

In the present day, virtual and online events are more prevalent. Therefore, using an online event platform, like Mixhubb, becomes important as they give companies access to a large, diverse audience that is present in many locations and at various times. An online event must be planned, advertised, and hosted with the same care as a physical event. However, for online events, particular event promotion tactics guarantee that the online program won’t go overlooked in the digital clutter.

A lot of people connect with their friends and family online. But online events are also an affordable way to meet other businesspeople. Because so much business, networking, and social life moved online during the COVID-19 epidemic, the virtual event market is presently growing.

An online event does have its own set of difficulties, though. If you can’t connect with registrants in person, you still need to provide the same degree of fun and value. To support your scheduled sessions or activities, you must discover software. Of course, if you were utilizing paper tickets or your old system was insufficient for your demands in the digital world, you may need to completely rethink your registration procedures.

Strategies to gather more attendees during an online event


1. Appealing event page

Everyone comes to the event page to learn more about the event. Make it stand out and encourage people to sign up by adding eye-catching visuals, expert photos, and captivating footage of keynote speakers, workshop leaders, and performers using a straightforward tool. Make sure any pertinent videos, images, and other media are embedded on your website so that visitors won’t have to leave it to locate it elsewhere. Last but not least, be sure to add all the necessary information to make your event page a one-stop shop for information and guest actions:

  • The event’s time and date or dates
  • A schedule
  • CVs for speakers
  • sponsors details
  • link to sign up
  • Safe payment methods

2. Make use of keywords to improve your searchability

You most likely already utilize keywords to improve the search engine positioning of your company website or published content to increase the popularity of the online event platform. When creating material to market your virtual event, find out which pertinent keywords people are using to search for the most frequently using a keyword planning tool like Google Ads.

3. Email marketing

People tend to forget that email is still relevant in the age of social media marketing. However, email marketing is still a successful tactic across all company sectors. To inform your carefully picked email list about future events, send out email newsletters. Send emails with fresh event announcements, thrilling updates, and post-event wrap-ups, but try not to overburden their inboxes. Use engaging imagery that communicates engagement even in an online format throughout your email newsletters to increase attention. You may also include exclusive discount offers and also use an online meeting platform for corporates to make it easier and more professional.

4. Give folks a sneak preview of what’s to come

A brief preview of your event will persuade people to register and become enthusiastic about what’s to come, just like a movie trailer motivates visitors to see a motion film. Short interviews with your presenters and highlights of what to anticipate throughout the event might pique interest. However, spread out your clips over a few days rather than releasing them all at once to encourage visitors to your website in the weeks leading up to the event.

5. Use LinkedIn

A fantastic approach to connect with professionals in a particular sector who could be intrigued by the event is through LinkedIn. Utilize the opportunity to advertise your event on a social platform created for networking. This is why people attend events, to thousands of individuals who are relevant to the sector.

Participants can ask questions and connect with one another by creating an event page on LinkedIn. You can occasionally post about this wonderful event you’re throwing on groups linked to your industry. Consider giving network individuals who share the post discounts if one wants the efforts to really pay off.

6. Bring out the copywriter in you

If you have a blog, publish about the upcoming occasion. Talk on the headlines and express your excitement for the presenters and the subject matter. It’s likely that you know someone who blogs even if you don’t have one yourself. Request to be a guest blogger to help publicize your online event. Just make sure the blog discusses the event’s sector or subject. To keep track of your blog entries that have been published, use your event management software.

7. Request your sponsors and business associates to spread the news

The marketing of your program increases significantly when the sponsors as well as partners promote the online event. This is advantageous for all parties involved. Don’t be afraid to directly ask your sponsor to let their connections and followers know about your online event. Include the link, a link to your social media profiles, and any other links to anything you create. As well as distributing any pertinent content, such as announcements, visuals, and your hashtag on social media. Make sure that one uses the top online customizable event platform to attract NGOs and people who support sustainable living.

8. Utilize social media

There are countless methods to use social media to advertise your virtual event. Spend some time announcing your virtual event and posting it on all of the social media platforms used by your business.

  • Facebook Events is cost-free, simple to share, and manages RSVPs.
  • With the possibility of advertisements, groups, pushing through your corporate page, and even self-promotion, LinkedIn is a terrific location to increase your event marketing.
  • Make a hashtag for your event and use a mini-tweet storm to spread the news.
  • Announce your virtual event on your forums, then ask everyone to participate.
  • Post images and videos to Instagram.


 With the proper platform, you can boost participation at the online event and give it real value and lasting impact for everyone who takes part. Remember the advice provided in this article, and select a platform that can carry out all of it. One can build a fantastic, captivating online event experience that people will be discussing and writing about it for a long time with a little ingenuity and customizability. Ultimately, using the perfect online event platform which offers the freedom to navigate the whole event would make it possible for a huge turnout and engagement in the online event.

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