Wedding Invitation Tips You Need to Know

Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding  Invitations

Choose E-invitation for Wedding

You always have a clear vision to choose from. Traditional invitations cost more than electronic cards. Digital wedding invitations offer the feel of traditional wedding invitations.

Electronic cards require no paper, reducing printing and design costs. All you have to do is pay your card and network charges. This is a great way to save money. Wish N Wed offers a variety of invitation options.

The theme of your Wedding Invitation

Choose a theme for your card and you will receive more information about your wedding. Your theme can reflect the events and parties, you host. If you’re planning an outdoor party, choose an outdoor theme. So, choose the right themed card for your wedding.

Selection  of Colors can Set  the Mood

You can create a party atmosphere with the colour you want. Choose vivid colours for your weekly wedding. Choose dark colours for the night. This allows you to preview the colour details.

Pictures & Illustrations in the Invitation

Choose from photos, illustrations and clip art related to the theme of your wedding day. Show a picture of the two of them and place text over the picture. It looks fantastic.

Content use in wedding Invitation

Invitations are essential for wedding stationery. It will not only inform your guests about the important details of an important day but also impress your near and dear ones with the unique features of this invitation. For example, you can add important details along with beautiful quotes. A big part of this invite is a Google Maps link to your location that you can add to the invite. When a guest receives an answer and responds, Google Maps is displayed to help them easily navigate to that location by clicking on the link.

Choose a Card with a few Decorations

Too much decoration can spoil your wedding invitation. Photos and GIFs make beautiful invitations. Don’t force your invitation. Do not allow content to pass from the first view. So make it attractive and stylish.

Further Details About the Wedding Ceremony

To avoid clutter, you can add important information about your post-wedding event to other cards. You can send them to someone whose support you want to commemorate. Mention the dress code and even details about the time and place.

Sending invitations to new neighbours costs nothing. Send it to distant relatives and roommates. Digital wedding cards cost only the internet. E-books are cheaper than traditional invitations. You can share on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc. can be easily shared.

Stunning Save the Date eCard Ideas

If you plan to add an electronic wedding card, do it as soon as possible. Sending all the guests who want to attend the wedding and pre-saving the appointment book to help them book their big day for that day is one of the sweetest gestures and gives you an idea of what to expect.

If you have family or friends living in other countries or suburbs, this e-card will allow you time to book your tickets in advance and plan your vacation and hotel stay. If you are planning a full-fledged wedding, sending the electronic rescue card 6 months before D-Day, but 4 months before local weddings is best.

However, before you send your save-the-date e-cards to your entire guest list, there are a few important steps you should take to make sure these e-cards affect your guests. Pay attention to every detail right from the start. If you are planning a destination wedding, you should book a venue and multiple venues to get the most out of your investment. It is a good idea to invite a few more people to your wedding as many may decline. It is very important to consider these small details when sending an e-card.

How to Create Wedding Planning Simpler

It is exciting to know that there has been a lot of hype about expired e-cards and there is better news than knowing that they are worth all the hype! So, anyone looking for an easy way to design and choose time- and cost-effective options will surely love the electronic save-the-date card. You can also add the wedding dates directly to your guests’ calendars, without the risk of your guests getting confused with another day and saving the wrong weekend on an important day or losing your offline card.

Simultaneous text updates also make it easy to communicate with guests. Whether it’s helping with ticketing, providing geo-location, sending reminders or last-minute changes, it can all be done in an organized way rather than being felt here and there.

What to include in the Save the Date Card

In general, Save the Date cards are simple and straightforward, but you can use negative spacing and language to make them different and stand out. Here are 5 areas to cover when creating an eCard.

Names of the Couple

Write the couple’s name in the middle. Usually, on most of the cards, the bride’s name comes first and then the groom’s name. If you don’t know the name of a person in a same-sex relationship, you can enter the name in alphabetical order.

Big Day Date

Need to write in detail about the date and timing of the wedding to celebrate the date of D-Day.

The Location

If it’s a destination wedding, you can specify a city, state or country when you leave the venue to be included in the wedding invitation.

URL of the Wedding Website

If you’ve created a wedding website, you can add a URL to the eCard that stores the date. This URL may be posted on the site for updates.

Official Invitation to Follow

Let your guests know that the invitations don’t end there and that larger, more formal invitations will be sent out as the wedding approaches.

Save Date Ecard Ideas

Whether you want a chic and formal date look or a casual chic look, you can choose a style that suits your wedding plan. You can play with patterns, follow minimal trends, insert gold letters and experiment as much as you want.

Formal Florals

If you want to give a touch of colour to a formal note, flowers are here. Beautiful, elegant and always a popular choice. Make your Save the Date e-cards fresh and cute with bold fonts, and elegant floral borders or backgrounds.

Incorporate Your Best Couple Photo

If you have a proposal or a couple of photos you’ve always wanted to show, this is it! These photos allow e-cards to tell your story and give you a much-needed personal touch.

Casual and Fun

Add a rustic touch to your electronic Save Date card by making it light and casual. By creating hints that your friends and family will understand, you can get everyone looking forward to a light and fun wedding.

Include Digital Art or Illustration

What could be better than a personalized cartoon portrait or illustration of you and your partner on your Save the Date eCard? Unlike traditional approaches, it is unique, colourful and pleasing to the eye.

Save the date wedding e-cards will make the first impression on your guests. So you need to make it worth it. That’s why you can get help from a professional designer. In addition to offering a wide variety of designs, patterns and designs to choose from, Wish N Wed guides you through design, pattern, colour and texture to save your personalized cards.

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