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Ways to Layer Your Bed for Winter Warmth

Picking an ideal bedding to keep you warm and cosy in winter can be tedious. Quality bedding hugely contributes to improving your sleep and your health eventually. 

In the list of best bedding, silk sheets top it and keep you warm throughout the night while you enjoy your beautiful hours of sleep. Otherwise, an unfavourable sleeping environment compels you to wake frequently at night. 

The reason behind silk being preferred is that they are lightweight and breathable. As it is a natural fabric, it has minimum chemicals that don’t harm your body and lets you dose off easily. Let’s unveil some best ways to prepare your comfort space for winter by layering your bed. 

Comfort Layers to Get Warm Sleeping Comfort 

Apart from regulating the temperature and managing things in your room for a peaceful sleep, here are some of the ways to layer your bed this winters: 

When you think of layering your bed, bedding is the first thing that strikes your mind. But mattress protectors are equally important. It safeguards your mattress from moisture, pests, and more. Let’s start with the mattress protector to dress your bed for making it winter-ready.  

Many people prefer to pick a coverlet above the duvet cover to provide you with additional warmth. With this, you can also create dimensions by pairing them with complementary colours or patterns that also add additional charm. 

Layering your bed with coverlet sets imparts additional cosy comfort during winter and adjusts accordingly for a comfortable and peaceful sleep the whole night. 

Along with offering a warm feel, these are also great for adding a decorative element to your room and giving a quilted look. 

You can layer the top of your bed with silk bedding. Having a royal and lustrous appeal, silk looks aesthetically pleasing while giving all the benefits for your good night’s restful sleep. 

Here are the reasons why you should get silk bedding to layer your bed:

Silk bedding efficiently locks in heat and acts as an insulating layer between your body and the external environment while giving you warmth in winter. 

For layering your bedding in silk use the silk fitted sheet to start. And if you wish you can add the silk flat sheet on top. Thereafter you place the silk duvet cover on top with silk pillowcases. If you like you can also two silk cushions and silk boudoir to complete the look.

Being a natural fabric, silk regulates your body temperature and allows you to sleep comfortably. This bedding doesn’t overheat your body and also doesn’t allow you to feel discomfort. 

The thermoregulating properties of silk bedding optimise the temperature accordingly and you feel cosy throughout the year. 

Silk is a natural fabric free from chemical substances that keeps allergens at bay, such as fungi, bacteria, moulds, and mites. So, Silk bed sheets are a great option if you are prone to allergies or are an asthma sufferer. 

Silk Bedding for Optimum Comfort In Winters! 

Deciding on the best sheets for sleeping during winter can be difficult for you due to many market options. Researching many products from the brands, Mayfairsilk is a trustworthy brand to get 22 momme pure Mulberry Silk sheets that give you perfect weight and feel heavenly comfort in winter. 

Their products are chemical-free and are tailored out of pure 22 momme Mulberry silk threads except the silk pillowcases. Which are in a thicker 25 momme Mulberry silk. Their silk products are OEKO-TEX 100 Certified. Moreover, they have bagged many accolades and awards, such as ‘The Innovation and Excellence Awards 2022- Bedding Brand of the Year by Corporate LiveWire.’ Mayfairsilk is offering its services to sell its products across 32 countries and tapping into the Middle East and the US (Place Vendome Qatar, Dubai Mall, Mirdif City Centre, etc.). To know more, visit

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