Washing Machine Repair in Dubai – Top Tips for Quick & Easy Fix

Washing machine repair can be a stressful event. Especially if your washing machine suddenly stops working and you don’t know how to fix it. That’s why we’ve put together this handy little guide on washing machine repair Dubai to make sure that the next time you need help with your washer, you know who to call – and you know what steps you need to take to fix it yourself as well. So when was the last time you checked your air filter?

Confirm It Is Working

It can be frustrating when your washing machine is not working, but with these tips you can get it up and running quickly. One great trick to start with is hitting the drain pipe really hard from underneath. This will sometimes release clogs that are keeping water from draining out of the machine. If that doesn’t work, then unplug the power cord for about 30 seconds to reset it. It might also be a good idea to use GBC Business Group’s services to make sure your washing machine will stay up and running smoothly!

Do Not Open the Machine

The first thing to do when your washing machine is acting up is not to open the machine. GBC Business Group, who are suppliers of other various commercial grade products, recommends shutting off the power immediately. The problem with this is that the weight of the door often makes it difficult to close. So you will need an extra set of hands to close it for you. In these cases, have someone else hold the door open as you remove any electrical components on or near the front panel. Unplug any cords connected to outlets in case there’s water inside. Now remove the faceplate that covers the washer drum and work on removing obstructions. Such as tangles in clothes or sock balls while simultaneously maintaining a steady grip on that heavy door.

Do Not Use Heavy Objects

Always try to move the object to be repaired. If that is not possible, try as much as possible to avoid using any heavy objects. Such as rocks or bricks, to repair the machine. They will most likely result in more problems than they solve. Contact your local specialist: GBC Business Group (based out of Dubai) can provide you with the best assistance regarding any repair of this type. They are fully equipped with expertly trained professionals capable of handling washing machine repairs all over Dubai without fail.

Turn Off the Power Before Taking Apart

The most important thing to do before trying to fix your machine is turn off the power. If you are on a low-voltage system, like 110-120 volts, then use an outlet tester or plug tester to make sure that the power is turned off. On 220-240 volts systems, you’ll need to go to the circuit breaker panel and turn off the power. It’s also wise to wear rubber gloves since washers can produce chemicals which can irritate your skin.

A quick and easy way to fix many common problems with washing machines is simply checking the water level (or ensuring that it isn’t too low) so that water flows into all parts of the drum as it spins around.

Identify If There Is Water Inside the Washer

If you cannot start the washer because there is water inside, first make sure that the power supply to the machine is turned on. You should also unplug the machine from its power source to be safe. In order to remove water from your washing machine, you will need to find out where it has collected inside. Make sure that you wear protective gear (e.g., goggles, gloves) when looking for where water may have gathered as this can be hazardous to your health if left unattended for too long.

Always Work on Newer Machines First

When you’re considering what to do with an aging washing machine, your first step should be to have the person on the phone give you their repair estimate. Then, based on your budget, decide whether it’s worth spending the money to have it fixed. In most cases, repairing an older machine will cost more than buying a new one—and then there’s the cost of installing it! You might want to consider going with another model or replacing your washer with a front-loader. If you’re lucky enough to still have some kind of warranty left on your appliance, use it. This will save you some money in labor costs that are typically covered by the warranty.

Confirm That There Is No Blockage or Foreign Object Inside The Washer

One of the quickest ways to ensure that your washing machine repair is going to be successful is by removing any excess objects from inside the drum. It’s much easier to take out the items that can clog up the drainage system. Before you’ve started trying to fix anything else. Once you’ve removed any foreign objects. All you have to do is confirm there isn’t any water or blockage at the bottom of the washer. If there’s no physical obstruction. Then we will need an electronic diagnosis (detailed below).

Clean Up After Yourself

Often times, with some quick troubleshooting, you can fix your washer yourself. Here are the top seven tips for washing machine repair in dubai.

Check if the water is leaking from your water outlet or drain hose – chances are you have a leak somewhere. The easiest way to tell is by filling the machine up with water before turning it on – if water leaks out it needs fixing. If there’s no leak, then unplug your appliance, wrap up any loose cables, open the door and empty out any excess water that might be trapped inside (perhaps from when the machine went off balance) and restart it.

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