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Viral Mona Kizz Suicide Video On Twitter and Reddit

In a recent Instagram post, a fan speculated that a woman appeared in a video that showed her jumping to her death. Some users believe that Kizz is the woman in the video, while others are calling for people to stop spreading the clip. While an official announcement about Kizz’s death has not yet been made, many people have expressed their shock and disbelief about the alleged suicide.

Mona jumped from a skyscraper

Monic aka ‘Kizz Suicide’ – a Ugandan model – has allegedly committed suicide by jumping from a skyscraper in Dubai. His death is reported by media sources and social media. He was 24 years old and had a huge following on social media. However, few know his real identity. A Wikipedia page does not exist. In addition, he never shared his personal details with his fans. According to his fans, he was merely a “social media influencer.”

Monic was hanging from the window of the skyscraper for just a few minutes before falling with a sickening crash. While it is unclear what caused the singer to jump, her friends have expressed their grief on social media. Several have attributed her death to depression. However, there has been no official statement by her family, and it is unclear if foul play is suspected.

Monic committed suicide

The death of Monic has justify the internet in shock. A social media influencer Monic jumped from a high-rise building. He was only 24 years old. The photos of the deceased to show obvious signs of anguish and despair. While his death has been widely report, no one is sure what caused his suicide. Many people are wondering how to find out more about Monica’s death.

The deceased was a Ugandan social media star. She is the daughter of late McZee Philip Rubakare. Monic and Monic were working in Dubai when she plunged to her death. She had discovered that her former boyfriend had married another woman and had spent all of her money on purchasing property. Monic committed suicide after learning about the affair. The suicide has shocked the social media world. A detail report on her suicide will be release by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mona Kizz jumped from her balcony

The video of Mona Kizz Suicide Video jumping from her balcony has gone viral on social media. It was the most-watched video of the year and set a sensation among her fans. It has since been discover that she had committed suicide by jumping from her balcony. The 24-year-old influencer died of an apparent suicide. Many people say she was depress for days before she fell and was force to do it. However, others believe she may have been a victim of a prank.

Some social media pages and local outlets do not yet know what prompted her to take her life. Some citizens, however, are giving assurance that she has indeed committed suicide. The photos of the singer’s face show that she was wrack with pain and anguish. The tragedy is being investigat further. People who were present at the party where the singer was thrown off the balcony are now being sought.

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