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Vastu colours for home positivity – vaastu devayah Namah

The Basic concept For Loving With Harmony With Nature is also symbolized by vastu colours for home.

Vastu Colours for the home have a strong influence on our attitude, health, and happiness.

Colors have an emotional, intellectual, financial, physical, and intuitive influence on us.

Role of Vastu colours for home

Color Theory can improve virtually every area of our lives by boosting our emotions and engaging our brains, increasing our productivity at work and in society, and enhancing our physical and mental health. Colors have an impact on many aspects of our lives, including food, clothes, housing, transportation, education, and entertainment. A well-chosen color scheme can assist to boost happiness, affluence, and marital harmony. Color evokes feelings. Our conduct is shaped by color.

The color generally represents the cardinal points, the seasons, the continuous passage of time, and the internal systems of the natural mind. The color is said to represent cosmic energy, a life force that can influence a person’s power and consequently also determines fate. Introducing a new color in the space also creates a good or negative feeling.

A nice color might depend on your attitude of the day. Color is a representation of light and energy. You will thrive if you choose a hue that is in tune with your energy. If the hue is incompatible with your mood, it will offend you. Whatever we look at and perceive with our eyes will convey sensory signals to our bodies through our optic nerves, causing our bodies to react to what our eyes see. As a result, the colors we see will have an impact on our mood, bodily motions, language, ideas, and ultimately our life.

It is important to keep the energies of our Home pure & positive with the help of Vastushastra to ensure growth and prosperity


As a result, the following vastu colours for home are suggested for increasing health wealth and prosperity

Auspicious Purple

Purple is an auspicious hue, whether it is purple, deep red, or plum. Respect is believed to be inspired by it.


Power Yellow-

Yellow represents patience, tolerance, and wisdom earned through experience.


Calm Green –

Calm, Hope, and Freshness are all represented by the color green. Green signifies excellent and healthy earth energy in plants and flora.

Hope Blue

Blue, often known as indigo, is a color that represents spring, new growth, and hope. Blue, on the other hand, is a chilly, secondary, and mournful color.


Gloomy Black –

On the plus side, black – or any dark hue – creates a sense of depth, both in terms of mental health and vision. Black, on the other hand, denotes a sense of hopelessness, and it can make us feel “dark” and gloomy.


Moderate  Gray –

Gray refers to an unclear – or grey – region. Gray, like a bleak gloomy day, conjures up feelings of frustration and hopelessness in some people. To others, it is a good symbol that represents moderation and peace.


Elegant Brown –

It represents both depth and elegance.


Happiest Orange –

The color orange, which is a combination of red, yellow, and yellow, is auspicious and associated with happiness and power.


Joyful Pink –

Pink is a color that symbolizes love and pure feelings, as well as joy, pleasure, and affection.

Promising Tan –

A fresh, promising commencement is Tan or café. A fresh potential develops from the apparent gloom.


The reds, blues, greens, yellows, and whites of trees, flowers, and the soil have given a relaxing and energizing stimulation to our bodies and brains from ancient times to the present, boosting our emotions, speech, neurological system, and helping to inspire and rejuvenate our vitality. To design your ideal Vastu-compliant home, hire a Vastu consultant or Vastu expert.


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