Use Instagram Views To Encourage More People To Like Your Posts

How to use Instagram views to encourage more people to like your posts

You can only grow your Instagram following if people see your content and engage with it. Views alone won’t get you to the top of your Insta game. Although Instagram has been testing hiding public preferences on its platform, the truth is that public likes are still visible to the public.

Keep reading if you have an Insta account that gets views but not enough likes. We’ll show you how to get your Instagram posts liked and viewed. Let’s get this article started without further delay.


1. Host a giveaway

Instagrammers have found that giveaways are a great way to increase their views, likes, and followers quickly. If the contest criteria are liking a post, it’s easy to organize. Keep giveaways short and sweet. If you make your giveaways too complicated, they will not get much engagement on Instagram.

Another option is to ask your followers to tag and like two or three friends. Before you launch your giveaway, make sure to consider it carefully. You could, for example, offer a giveaway if you get 1000 Instagram followers.

2. Get inspired by successful Instagrammers in your niche.

Choosing which posts you want to publish as an Instagrammer can be tricky. People might not like what you’re about to post is the most common fear. This fear should not get in the way of your success. You’ll always be second-guessing yourself, which can slow down your Instagram page’s progress.

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It’s better to look at your competition than give in to fear and doubt. Pay attention to the Instagram posts that get the most likes and those that receive a low reception. After you have completed your observations, you can now take what you saw and make it a reality. Often, what works well for your competitors will work for you.

3. Every post should have a call-to-action

Many new Instagrammers make the error of not including calls-to-action (CTAs) in their photos. You have to ask other Insta users to like your posts and engage with them. Even if your CTA is omitted, you may get some likes. You’ll notice the difference if you include CTAs.

4. Use hashtags in all your posts

For Instagram to be successful, you must include hashtags in your posts. You can find several lists online that list the best hashtags for Instagram likes if you are posting something trendy. You should use unique hashtags if you share content that is very specific to your niche.

Many Instagrammers make the standard error of including 20-30 hashtags in each post. This is a bad habit that Instagram has a reputation for punishing brands and users who use too many hashtags in a single post. When using hashtags, limit your choices to 5-6 and no more.

5. You can also share your Instagram posts to other platforms

It is no longer possible for a brand or an influencer to grow on one social media platform. Most established brands and influencers have multiple social media accounts. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you should share your Instagram posts with those accounts. Remember to add CTAs to those platforms to encourage your friends and followers to follow your Instagram page.

When sharing your Instagram posts on other platforms, you should also be wise. If your Insta page is related to news or politics, Twitter is the best social media platform to share your posts. This is an effective way to increase your Instagram views, likes, and followers quickly.


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