Travelling In An Auto-Rickshaw

No one would dispute that travelling to new locations is the most enjoyable pastime. Travel is fun, just like everything else! It gives vitality and uplifts the spirit. You feel, laugh, cry, and live because of it if recently you’ve been absent. As a result, people use a variety of modes of transportation to get around cities all over the world, including the ones listed below. You might be able to get to any remote location if you only have one vehicle.

The Most Commonly Used Mode Of Transportation: Auto-Rickshaw


One of the most frequently used means for people to go around is through this kind of transportation. Mostly because the auto-rickshaw price is the least expensive, other factors include the uniqueness of the vehicle, which has a different design, the music they play, and even the people we encounter in vehicles, who are generally pleasant. The best places in India may occasionally be shown to you or suggested by the auto driver themselves. So having a auto-rickshaw ride will be as enjoyable as any.


The auto rickshaws are India’s lifeline. An autowala can quickly transport you to your destination across the 3-inch space between two vehicles on a fully developed road.

In addition to being the best option for short-distance travel, auto rickshaws are also the best form of advertising. Any and everything can be found pasted on its back, including posters for “Bengali Baba ka Churan” and “Political campaigning posters.” One of the most frequent is “yeh zimmedar auto rickshaw, karta hai mahilaon ka samman aur suraksha!”; it is more of a call to safety for the female riders.

Role Of Auto-Rickshaw In Modern India

In today’s times, it is essential to reevaluate the role of auto-rickshaws in urban transportation, given the rapid population growth in cities and the rise in private car ownership. This is true both from providing an integrated and cost-effective public transportation system and from the socio-economic imperative of encouraging auto-rickshaws as a source of income for low-income, uneducated, or migrant populations.

Most people choose the auto-rickshaw as their preferred and is considered the most vital means of transportation since it allows them to travel everywhere at a reasonable price. Some of India’s poorest citizens can make a living in this field. The only disadvantage of using an auto-rickshaw is that it contributes to air pollution. However, this has been mitigated by CNG fuel and the innovation many auto-rickshaw manufacturing companies are implementing to develop the most excellent engine with the least pollution.

Below are a few of the reasons why auto rickshaw is most used. 

Land space

It has developed into one of the most dependable urban transit options. Traffic is the most inevitably occurring situation in cities, and people who want to avoid it usually prefer to travel by auto to go around cities. Why Auto Rickshaw? It is chosen chiefly owing to its smaller size. Since cars take up more space than an auto, which can easily zigzag and avoid traffic without having to wait longer in it

Additionally, people also use an auto rickshaw to avoid paying for parking while visiting a mall or many other locations. In some cases, it becomes challenging to find the right spot to park the car, causing many to utilise autos to go anywhere.


Petrol has been a major issue that most vehicle owners are now facing as it is increasing daily, which is a significant reason why people choose auto to travel anywhere. Auto rickshaw is a low-cost mode of transportation and is most suitable for the middle-class population of India. 

Safety benefits 

The auto-rickshaw is regarded as the safest means of transportation because it is smaller in size than any other vehicle in usage and is moved at a slower speed. In addition, it is essential to note that the auto rickshaw’s comfy and spacious seats make them safe enough to hold three people without causing any fall risk.

Eco friendly

Pollution has increased in urban places like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and other cities. As a result, people avoid cars with higher emissions in favour of autos, which have fewer engines and lower emissions. Additionally, most auto-rickshaws have now switched to CNG, which has solved the issue to a significant degree. So, this is another crucial factor in why people prefer using auto rickshaws to driving a car.

How To Drive An Auto-Rickshaw With Safety 

Don’t fill more passengers than necessary

An auto-rickshaw is a compact vehicle with three passenger seats and a driver’s seat. In India, the driver will occasionally pick up additional passengers to make more money—one in the front seat alongside the driver and one in the back. Therefore, not exceeding the seating capacity is crucial as it may contribute to accidents.

Maintain a safe distance

Since auto-rickshaws are smaller than most other vehicles on the road, it’s crucial to maintain a safe distance when driving and waiting at traffic lights.

Drive within the speed limit

It’s crucial to remember that an auto-rickshaw isn’t a race car and that you shouldn’t treat the road like a racing track because doing so can cause accidents. The recommended auto rickshaw speed in India is 20–40 Kmph.

Avoid driving on the opposite side

Nearly every driver of a vehicle is subject to these rules. People frequently select the wrong side of the road in India when there is traffic to avoid it or sometimes to avoid making long curves. Taking the wrong side should be avoided because it may result in traffic and accidents.

Don’t distract yourself.

A minor distraction can result in serious accidents. For example, these distractions can be spurred by using a phone, getting too little sleep or rest, or even drinking, making drivers feel lighthead and resulting in accidents.

Overall, an auto is perfect for travel as we can stop where we want, go everywhere, and it can accommodate three people and their backpacks. Moreover, some people meet helpful, friendly people on their way while travelling, even the drivers themselves.

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