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Top 5 Movie Locations That Are Worthy of Your Attention


A movie can transport you to any place or time in the world. Fortunately, many of the locations used in our favorite stories can be visited and experienced in real life. It’s a thrilling experience to walk in the footsteps of your favorite fictional character or stand in the shadow of a building that is as familiar as your childhood home. Each blockbuster movie must film somewhere. While some of these locations disappeared overtime, in this article we will share top 5 movie locations that are worthy traveling to and that right away slingshots you back to the movie, as if you were walking around the movie set itself.

Grand Budapest Hotel, Gorlitz, Germany

The Grand Budapest Hotel’s lobby is actually a German department store that was due to be demolished but was saved by the production. The building was saved by the production designer who fell in love with it.

Although some modifications were needed to make the area appear as it should, the original columns, staircases and windows, and striking chandelier, were kept for filming. The structure was recently renovated and is now available for public viewing.

If you are planning to visit Grand Budapest Hotel anytime soon to experience all the adventures of Monsieur Gustave and Zero, take your time to check out ETIAS Website for updated EU travel information.

Harry Potter Express, Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

The Glenfinnan Viaduct is a famous spot in Scotland. It is the place where Harry Potter and his friends passed through on their way to Hogwarts. It was also used to shoot the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

There are several ways to go through the bridge to relive all those dearing memories that Harry Potter movies were bringing to you. One way is to get a train ticket from Glasgow to Mallaig on Scotrail. Another, and more iconic way, is to book your place at Hogwarts Express Steam Train from Edinburgh to Mallaig and get the real experience of traveling with Hogwarts Express.

Glenfinnan Viaduct was built in 1819 by Thomas Telford, the most celebrated engineer of his time. The structure is about 30 meters high, with a span of about 100 meters across the valley.

Hatley Castle, X-Men School, British Columbia, Canada

Hatley Castle, in British Columbia, Canada, was used as an exterior for Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters (X-Men) series. This imposing structure exudes a sense of grandeur well before it made its movie debut in 1996. Many exterior shots were shot in Canada. Viewers can also visit Casa Loma in Toronto or Parkwood Estate in Oshawa for other familiar facades.

Although the interior was not used for filming, you can still walk around the castle to imagine yourself being invited to study with some of the most iconic characters from comic book movie history.

Yavin IV, Star Wars, Guatemala

The scenes of Yavin’s fourth moon were shot in the Tikal National Park, Guatemala. They were filmed amongst the Mayan Temple ruin ruins. The area of natural beauty featured in the original Star Wars movie and took viewers to another world.

The location was chosen by George Lucas, the director of the film. He saw an advertisement for it at a travel agency in London while he was on another shoot. Fans can now visit the silverscreen rebel base and enjoy the rugged scenery the same way as they did in the movie world.

Hobbiton from LOTR, New Zealand

Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy was one of the most memorable tourism ads in recent memory. It sparked a lot of interest in New Zealand. The country’s natural beauty and spectacular landscapes have been a major drawcard. But now, they are also associated with some the most important films of all-time. Indeed, Tolkien’s works are irresistible.

Cleverly, Hobbiton’s set has been preserved. This is why Visitors can tour the location, stay at the Green Dragon Inn for the night, eat at Shire’s Rest Cafe, and even have a fairytale wedding. Matamata is the place where fantasy has been made real. There are many other locations worth visiting throughout the country.


In this article we have presented some of the most famous top 5 movie locations that you can actually visit. Whether you are a fan of the movies, or just want to spend a time in rather distant and not-so-famous landmarks, than this list is for you. The destinations offer plenty of opportunities to make you feel part of the movie script so you can enjoy your trip to its fullest.

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