Top 5 Marble Factories in Islamabad

Marble is strong, beautiful, all-natural, and has other properties. Is a new building being built for you? Or are you someone who wants to sell fine marble to individuals? You can rely on the Marble Factories in Islamabad listed below if this is the case. These companies only produce high-quality goods and guarantee complete client satisfaction. Contact one of them to add a special sense of beauty and individuality to your spaces!

Top 5 Marble Factories in Islamabad 

If you want to buy marble or granite in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, you won’t be disappointed if you visit these eight marble firms.

Granite & Marble Nasrullah

Nasrullah Marble & Granite, a well-known producer and exporter of marble items has been in the marble and granite market for eight years. You can select from various marble types in the company’s inventory. The Boticina family also has a mine there. Nasrullah Marble & Granite also sells goods to Qatar. It is one of the largest suppliers of marble commodities in Pakistan and internationally.

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Nasrullah Marble & Granite’s primary product offers to include

  • Tables Made of Marble
  • Marble Tiles for the Floor
  • Countertops in Marble

Office No. 9, Bawal Plaza, I-9 Markaz

051 4445685 is the contact number.

Al-Faisal Marble Works

The Al-Faisal Marble Factory has been active in the stone sector markets since 1993. They have a strong and diverse background in manufacturing a wide range of goods and articles, including marble processing. They are the top marble company in Islamabad because they are dedicated to industry quality, on-time delivery of orders, and comprehensive examination of product faults.

Some of their best-selling items include

Urns made of marble

Countertops in the kitchen



Vases for Flowers


Tables Made of Marble

Lamps made of marble

The Marble Fountain

Address: F 15 Jammu Kashmir Housing Scheme, Peshawar Road, Islamabad

051 2227770 is the contact number.

 SK Stones Manufacturing Company

SK Stones is a well-known provider of marble and chips in Islamabad. Because of its status as a top stone-producing enterprise, the company has produced significant profits in recent years. Its quality control method meets the most stringent industry standards and ensures that only the best raw materials are utilized to make the products. Furthermore, its product lines are available in various finishes and textures. This is one of the city’s major marble enterprises.

The firm focuses in:








Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan-44000, 390, 3 Potohar Rd, I-9/3

(051) 4859036 is the phone number to dial. 

Marble Works of Sohail Brothers

The Sohail Brothers Marble Factory, founded in 1979, possessed significant experience. Sohail Brothers Marble Factory expanded swiftly and prospered, eventually becoming what it is now. It has established itself as one of Islamabad’s leading brands for producing high-quality granite and marble. The chairman of the company is Mohammad Sohail Khan Babar. Babar is well-versed in the needs and ambitions of all customers, having worked in the natural stone and marble industries for many years.

Sohail Brothers Marble Factory provides a wide range of products.








I-9/2, 43-A Street, Islamabad, Pakistan

051 8313980 is the phone number to dial.

Stones K-2

K-2 Stones, headquartered in Kahuta Mar, is a well-known producer, supplier, exporter, importer, and dealer of premium granite and marble. This company has a competent team of specialists dedicated to providing the BEST solutions to its consumers. It is also dedicated to developing new patterns and designs that reflect fashion trends. If you want to buy marble or granite, you can go to K-2 Stones.

The following things are included in the company’s imported product line:

Marble from Italy

Spanish stones

British gems

Afghan sandstones

Asian gems

Stones from Portugal

Address: Pakistan, GT Road, Kahuta Mar

Please contact us at 0320 9900948. 

Hussain Marble Industries, Inc.

Hussain Marble Industries has been in business for roughly ten years. They have a great reputation as a marble maker in the Pakistani market because of their lengthy history, extensive industry expertise, professionalism, and dedication. Technical expertise and contemporary equipment enable the workforce to produce high-quality goods. More specifically, Hussain Marblee Industries hires employees with advanced degrees and years of experience.


Hussain Marble Industries provides the following marble colors:

Dark Grey

white light

Smooth Black

green from the jungle

Showroom in K-2 Plaza, I-9 Markaz

 Phone: 051-444-1946

Marble and Granite Saleem

This is another prominent producer, exporter, and supplier of marble stone in Islamabad, Pakistan. Saleem Marble Traders offers excellent Pakistani marble stones in any size, shape, or color. The marble stones it creates are used in various settings, including corporate offices, showrooms, hotels, interiors, and exteriors. The company’s manufacturing facilities are also outfitted with high-quality cutting, polishing, and shaping tools.

The company’s main business is exporting and manufacturing.



Tiles made of stone

Slabs of Stone

A smooth marble

I-9 Markaz, Potohar Road, Islamabad.

Please contact us at 051 4437003. 

Granite & Marbles Shan

Shan Granite & Marbles in Islamabad has the widest selection of marbles. They are very proud of their reputation as a reliable stone-making enterprise. They provide top natural items to Pakistani stone wholesalers. It also sell high-quality granite stones. Shan Granite & Marbles relies significantly on a diverse array of quarry partners and a devoted workforce to produce a notable range of items. Their two distinguishing characteristics are quality and selectivity.

Shan’s principal marble and granite products are as follows:

Slabs of Stone

Slabs of Marble

Natural Stone Slabs

Items with Personalization

K-2 Plaza, Potohar Rd, I-9 Markaz, Islamabad

Please contact us at 0333 5348150.


These are the top 8 marble factories in Islamabad, and you can contact them if you’re looking for the best marble suppliers to help you create the space of your dreams. Please let us know if you believe we missed any important vendors in the comments.

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