Top 5 Kids Brands in Pakistan

Kids Brands in Pakistan

If you are looking for top-quality Kids Brands in Pakistan, there are many options. We have listed some of the best brands in this article, known for quality and affordability. We also cover the latest kids’ fashion trends. If you are looking for trendy kid clothing, you will love Tinyteez. Its clothing range is enormous and offers fresh fashions that will please your child.


The Tinyteez brand is one of the leading manufacturers of Kids Brands in Pakistan. Its collection includes children’s clothes in western and traditional styles. Most of its garments range in price from Rupees 500 to Rupees 2,000. These garments are made from high-quality cotton and are an excellent choice for parents looking to purchase stylish clothes for their little ones.

Tinyteez is a famous Kids Brands in Pakistan that focuses on providing stylish, affordable, and comfortable clothing. It offers a wide range of clothing from newborns to tweens and has something for every budget. It has everything from cute dresses to kilts and tunics to make your child look gorgeous. The company sells clothing for girls, boys, and babies and even sells a massive selection of baby clothes online.

Kids Brands in Pakistan


BeechTree is one of the leading kidswear brands in Pakistan. They specialize in western wear and have been providing quality and unique fabrics to Pakistani kids since 1910. The brand has an extensive collection of kidswear for little boys and girls ranging from three to sixteen. Prices range from Rs 800 to Rs 3,000, but most of the collection falls in the Rs 1,500 to 3,000 price range.

BeechTree’s quality and design ethos has made it a household name in Pakistan and abroad. Their range of ethnic wear features many different styles that cater to the young generation. Their Rozana collection defines Asian beauty and accentuates personality. The brand also produces a wide selection of winter wear. Whether you are buying for your child or yourself, BeechTree has something to fit the bill.

Leisure Club

The latest collection from Leisure Club includes a variety of tops, bottoms, hoodies, and more. Boys’ clothing lines from Leisure Club include collared shirts, polos, sweaters, and various other styles. For boys, styles include superheroes such as Batman and Superman and tees, pants, and more. The brand also sells undergarments and school bags to make things even more exciting.

The acclaimed Leisure Club brand has launched its Top Model Fashion 2022 collection for the summer season. The brand is known for its stylish clothes and lovely fabrics, promoting confidence and grooming your child’s fashion interest. For children, the brands of leisure clubs ensure the highest quality fabric, a stylish design, and ease of wear. These qualities make Leisure Club a top brand in the local market. Let us explore its new collection.


Many parents find it challenging to find Kids Brands that match their needs in Pakistan. Buying clothing for children was a massive hassle until a few years ago, as there was no wide variety of brands and sizes. Most parents would dress their kids in what was most comfortable or convenient. It is easier than ever to find fashionable kids’ clothing that will fit your family’s budget.

If you are looking for western-style clothing, you may want to check out Breakout. The brand has been providing unique fabrics for kids’ clothing since 1910, and its designs are renowned for their comfortable style and quality. Prices vary from Rs 800 to a few thousand, but most of their collection is 1,500 and 3,000. However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, Breakout Kids may be the right choice.


In the world of fashion, Hopscotch is a brand of children’s clothing made in Pakistan. This brand offers kids clothes in sizes from 0 to 14 years. The apparel comes in both western and eastern styles. Prices range from Rupees 1,000 to 5,000, depending on the style. For more information about Hopscotch, please visit their website. This brand’s mission is to create clothes that make parenting more straightforward, and they are doing this by offering high-quality children’s clothing.

As the market for children’s clothing in Pakistan has grown, the brand has expanded its global presence. It has recently launched its online store and partnered with the Indian brand Hopscotch. This partnership with Flipkart will further increase its market presence in this sector. The Flipkart website is expected to see a 60 percent YoY growth in its branded kids fashion category in a few years. It is noteworthy to note that most of the new customers are from T2-tier cities.

Kids Brands in Pakistan


In Pakistan, you will find many different fashion brands and outlets that cater to the needs of parents and children. From clothing for infants to kids aged two to six, you can find everything you need for your children’s wardrobe, from shoes to bedding and beyond. From traditional Pakistani dresses to fashionable western wear, you will find clothes for boys and girls. These brands are especially great for parents who need affordable clothing for their kids.

If you are looking for fashionable clothes for your kids, look no further than Mothercare. This British brand has been around for over fifty years and has also managed to enter the Pakistani market. With excellent quality clothes, this brand will keep your child looking fashionable and comfortable for many years to come. Although the prices of the clothes can be high, they will last longer than cheaper brands. Prices range from Rupees 1,000 to more than 8,000. Tinyteez Kids Brands in Pakistan is a top-rated brand in Pakistan and is known for stylish, contemporary clothing.

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