Top 5 Best Books For 6 Year Old Boys

Reading is important to children, especially for 6-year-old boys. Let your child read books as soon as possible will bring many great benefits when they grow up. Boys from 6 years old are very energetic and full of curiosity, therefore convincing them to sit still and read a book is basically a challenge for parents from any corner of the world. Luckily, there are many kinds of useful books best for 6-year-old boys currently that parents should not ignore. In this article, we will suggest to all parents out there Top 5 Best Books for 6-year-old boys.

  1. Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes is a comic book series that is updated every day by artist Bill Watterson. The story follows a six-year-old boy named Calvin who is very mature and adventurous with his stuffed tiger – Hobbes. The story follows Calvin’s fantasy adventures with his best friend Hobbes and also revolves around Calvin’s family and friends and their relationships. To Calvin, Hobbes is not a stuffed tiger just like how everyone sees him but a real tiger.

As a collection of comic strips, Calvin and Hobbes set up many short separated stories containing fast actions and solutions together with humorous dialogues, which are perfect and one of the best books for 6-year-old boys. It is easy to follow and would catch the attention of these young readers.

  1. The Worries: Sohal Finds a Friend by Jion Sheibani

If your child is a natural-born worrier or just struggles with anxiety and fears, this book will help them a lot. The Worries: Sohal Finds a Friend is about a boy who worries about everything around him; there are scenarios that scare him and he found a way to relieve himself from the stress caused by his fear through drawing. So Sohal draw his worries onto paper and to his surprise, these fears turned into furry creatures then they befriend him.

The story of Sohal and his unusual friends explores the fear children might have to face when they reach the age of 6, which is when they are curious and want to explore the world around them. It also reminds your child that not all fears are harmful but they could be a blessing in disguise, and if we are brave enough to face them, we might as well learn about ourselves. The book is on every recommendation about best books for 6-year-old boys.

  1. Elephant & Piggie Series by Mo Willems

Elephant & Piggie Series is a very interesting comic book series about the friendship between Gerald the Elephant and Piggie the Pig. Geral was careful and mature. He worries about everything so that Piggie doesn’t have to. Piggie is childish and creative, and he and Gerald are best friends. They might have opposite personalities and unrelated appearances but they are kind to each other and always cheer each other up. Their days go on with adventures and joys.

This comic book shows your child what an innocent, pure, and passionate friendship looks like while also teaching them many life lessons such as sharing, patience, and being honest. The series contains independent stories which could be read separately. Perfect for children who are getting familiar with reading and fairly one of the best books for 6-year-old boys parents should purchase.

  1. Stuart Little by E. B. White

You could say this story is about a tiny mouse’s great adventure. A strange thing happened to the Little family when their second son turned out to be a small mouse. The family despite their shock took the little mouse in and took care of him with loving arms just like their firstborn, well except for their house cat – Snowbell. His adventures are quite many but one of the greatest was the search for his best friend – Margalo – a beautiful bird.

The adventure of Stuart Little is surely still making it one of the best books for 6-year-old boys in 2022. The young, kind-hearted, intelligent and awe-inspiring little Stuart will surely entertain your children for a long while, teaching them the lessons of friendship, courage, and kindness. To a 6-year-old boy, little Stuart will be a hero one would likely look after.

Stuart Little by E. B. White

  1. How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans by David LaRochelle

The story is about Martha, a girl who hates green beans, and she means it when she said she hated them. One day, the villainous veggies come up and kidnap her parents. Finding out the situation leaves her at bay, so she must take action to rescue her parents and stop the veggies’ evil plan.

Six-year-old is the age of all curious questions and small silly things that will leave you sometimes crawling with laughter. This book is all about that too and in many good favors, this is one of the best books for 6-year-old boys in 2022. With an unexpected plot twist, funny dialogues, and attitude illustrating style, this story will entertain your child for hours. The story is related to parents with picky-eater children with their daily struggle to persuade their children to eat greens.

How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans by David LaRochelle


Six-year-old is the period when a child starts reading on their own. To encourage this behavior, parents can choose various types of books from fiction to science, short to long stories, comic or written books, etc. The book market today is rich with content that might make parents confused. Above are the Top 5 Best Books for 6-year-old boys and other children in general. We also update to you with discount deals and coupon codes such as Biblio Up to 60% OFF Select Sale Book or Thriftbooks FREE SHIPPING on Orders of $10+ Each Item,  which could help you save up big when you go shopping for books for your children. Follow up for more deals and more related articles at

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