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Top 10 adventurous destinations in North East


The whole Astonishing North East ranges attract visitors each year as well as nature-lovers and wildlife photographers. For those less stifled by their surroundings don’t mind taking the roads that have not been explored in North east India. The states surrounding here are fast becoming destinations for thrill seekers.

You’ll be able to accomplish more than take photos of the countryside or snow-covered mountains! Here are some extreme sports you must explore in the North east. If you’re looking to try them on your travels. For your convenience, we’ve listed the most popular adventure sports in the north east region of India.

Sandakphu Trekking

A single of the beautiful hikes within the Eastern Himalayas is this one. The view stunning of Kanchenjunga and the trek can be a route up to Everest. It is possible to enjoy the natural beauty of this Sandakphu Trek. The route of the trek passes through the most biodiversity-rich temperate areas since it’s a portion of the Singalila Range.

The four tallest mountains in the world, including Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and Lhotse are accessible from this point. The magnolias, rhododendrons, and primulas will impress you with their stunning beauty. There are also more than 250 species of birds along with several mammals, as well as 400 orchid species on the entire trail.

You can also try the Kalsubai trek, which is a little bit similar to the sandhakphu Trek.

Rafting on whitewater

There are numerous places in which white-water rafting lovers encounter rushing rivers and perfect terrain. You just need to climb on a raft to experience the excitement of floating. The Brahmaputra River Brahmaputra runs through Assam and the north eastern region of India. A majority of places will look for rafting opportunities by consulting local guides. Manas River near Manas National Park and Jia Bhorali River in Nameri National Park is among the top places in Assam for water rafting adventures.

When you are in Sikkim it is essential to enjoy river rafting along both the Teesta as well as the Rangit rivers.

Rappelling in Dawki

In Meghalaya, There are a variety of waterfalls, small hills that are ideal to be climbed, and terrifying rapids to test your endurance and raise your spirits. Elephant Falls is one of the most popular spots for rappelling waterfalls, and Shnongpdeng Village in Dawki is another option for these activities.

Zip-linings in Meghalaya

The most talked about a recent trending topic that is taking place in North east India is this. It’s a thrilling experience for those looking for excitement. At the entrance of Cherrapunji as well as Snophedan Village in Dawki, located in the Mawdok Valley, people go zip-lining in Meghalaya.

Meghalaya’s Siju cave

You’ve probably heard that Meghalaya is an area that is home to a variety of caves. What makes this region appealing is the diversity of caves, each one that is an adventure of a different kind. Go on a tour with an authority in the area to get assistance, avoid the time, and also generalize. Alongside the famous Mawsmai as well as the Awrah Cave additional caves can be found located in Cherrapunji, Jowai, and Many people might have heard of Tura.

Snophedan Village Camping Near Dawki

There are numerous waterfalls or rivers and caves to keep you entertained and the entire area of Meghalaya is ideal for camping. It is possible to meet someone else camping at any time, and wherever you go within the forest. The East Khasi Hills and the Jaintia Hills are the best locations for camping in small groups. Nagaland as well as Arunachal Pradesh have become popular camping spots due to the emergence of numerous music and cultural festivals which include The Hornbill Festival and the Ziro Music Festival.

Kayaking in Mawphlanur

Mawphanlur as well as Nongkhnum Islands in Meghalaya must be on your list for those who love extreme sports and kayaking. Mawphanlur offers amazing natural Kayaking that you can do to appreciate the beauty. There is also the Kynshi River, located 15 kilometers away from Nongstoin it is an additional great spot to start an adventure in kayaking. Go to Meghalaya and get yourself ready to kayak if you love or would like to experience this exciting adventure sport.


The Kabru and Sinolchu in Sikkim as well as Sinolchu and Kabru in Sikkim as well as Dirang valley, located in Arunachal Pradesh are calling your name If you’ve completed climbing courses and are now ready to scale the treacherous heights of the Himalayas. Karbi Hills, Elephant Rocks of the Morigaon district Basistha Hills, and Nilachal Hills in Guwahati The entire Assam region’s sights are explore the hill and rock climbing.

Mountain biking and cycling

Adults are those who enjoy traveling on their own through The North Eastern Himalayas. Mountain ATVing and mountain biking are regular activities in the rural areas of Assam along with Arunachal Pradesh. It’s still a great way to enjoy yourself and a lot of people take part in it. Another sport you can take part in near Guwahati can be mountain bike riding in Pobitora or Chandubi Lake. For more information on a cycling tour to North east India, contact us.

Parasailing and hand gliding

Certain areas in the Himalayas are hotspots increasing in popularity for those who want to improve their level of extreme sports. The ideal time to visit Sikkim for paragliding is between October through January. It is also the ideal time to go and glide across the snow-covered Kanchendzonga peak between September and February.

Assam, Sikkim, and the regions surrounding Meghalaya are popular spots for sports enthusiasts.

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