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Things to consider before buying office chairs online

Before going in-depth about that all should be considered before buying office chairs, it is important to understand what is the ideal position to sit in a chair. The best way to sit on a chair is to keep the back straight, thighs should be in a horizontal position on the floor, arms should be leveled with the desk, and feet should be planted on the ground. A good chair addresses all of these. Given below are the factors that should be considered before buying office chairs online-

Should have adjustable seat height-

This is the first and foremost thing to consider before buying an office chair. People who use these chairs may differ in height, so the office chairs should have adjustable seat height so that they can accommodate all different heights of the people.

Adjustable backrest-

After considering adjustable height, one should consider if the back of the chair is adjustable or not. A chair has an attached seat and backrest, or a separate seat and backrest. In case the chair has an attached seat and backrest, it must have the option of moving forward and backward. It should also have a locking mechanism. In case both the units are separate, the backrest must be adjustable in angle and height.

Width and depth-

Since in an office, employees have to sit for long hours, the chairs should be comfortable. The chairs should have enough width and depth to support any person comfortably. The depth of the chairs should be enough that the person can sit with his back against the backrest and the back of his knees should be 2 inches away from the seat of the chair.


The material of the chairs should be of good quality. The quality of the chairs also depends upon the purpose, need, and length of usage of the chairs. Cloth seats are better than leather ones in case the chair is being used for a longer period of time. Also, chairs made up of up of leather are easier to clean. In modern times, people prefer wooden chairs also because they are sturdy and durable. The office chairs are available in all kinds of materials. The chairs must be bought based on the needs and requirements of the user.

Lumbar support-

Again sitting in a chair for long hours without any support can cause bending of the lower back and strain in the structures of the spine. So, the office chairs must be able to support the lumbar so that employees can maintain healthy body posture while working on the computer screens.


After long hours of working on the computer screen, employees wish to rest their arms. This is when the armrest comes into play. The elbows and arms should be able to rest gently on the armrest. Some chairs come with an option of detachable armrests so that work that requires more mobility can be done easily.

Adjustment control-

The chair should be easy to control for better comfort. The controls should be easy to reach from a seated position without causing any strain or hassle. The height of the chair should be adjustable and the chair should allow the user to swivel while sitting on it. The chair should be such that it can rotate 360 degrees so that all the supplies in the office are easily reachable. This saves the time and effort of the employees.


Price is a great factor that should be considered while buying anything. In case the price of the desired chair is too high, then there is no point buying it. So, it is prudent to set a budget and decide on the price point before searching for office chairs online. In case of a big office setup, the number of chairs increases. So, the price of the chairs plays an important role because a high price can shake the entire budget.


Being able to move from one side to another without getting up from the chair is the comfort that everybody demands in the office. The wheels of the chair allow such movement. In case the office is covered with carpet, it is best to have hard wheels. Rubber wheels are better in case the surface is hard. The choice of the wheels helps in avoiding any functionality problems.


Buying office supplies and furniture can involve some brainstorming and research. While looking for office chairs online it is important to make sure that the chairs should allow employees to sit for a substantial amount of time without being uncomfortable. The chairs should cause any kind of strain in the back and should allow good body posture. A healthy employee can work better and can show productivity at work. So, chairs play an important role in deciding the productivity levels of the employees.

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