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The best places to travel in Kasol


Kasol is a charming little Himachal village on the river side  of the Parvati River. 23 kms away from Bhuntar just next to this same religious town of Manikaran. Has become one of the best cities of the country to simply sit back. Trekking trails into Kheerganga, Yanker Peak, Sar Carry, and Pin Parbati Pass are among Kasol’s most popular excursions. Visit the hamlet of Malana to get a true sense of  the lifestyle in this region. Malana. A little hamlet a few kilometres outside of Kasol. Is home to people who have chosen to live in seclusion.

Malana’s residents claim to just be Aryan descendants, and as a result. They avoid contact with strangers. However, the hamlet is known as ‘Little Greece’ because of its many attractive vistas. Kasol is home to a large number of Israelis. As seen by the abundance of Israeli food and Hebrew-written street signs. The experience of sitting and having a meal between the dark green trees as well as the awe-inspiring mountains makes the meal even more delightful. Kasol has a number of streetside cafés that provide wonderful meals. You may start picking up souvenirs, souvenirs, necklaces. And sometimes even moderately stones to take home for friends and family at Kasol’s flea market, which sells a range of products. 

Things you can do in kasol:

Manikaran Sahib:

Manikaran Gurudwara stands delicately just on shores of something like the Parvati River, about 15 minutes from Kasol. It is a prominent Hindu and Sikh pilgrimage destination. There really are several hot springs available for bathing. The temperature is hot enough just to cook food by placing the utensils straight in it, and it is presented as langar. 


An isolated settlement in Malana Nala, a minor basin of the Parvati Valley. Remains isolated from the rest of the world. It is situated inside the Kullu district and is recognized as Malana or Malana Village. It is a site for those seeking spiritual advice. As it is recognised because of its powerful culture as well as religious beliefs. As well as numerous feelings entrenched in the past.  Which inspires and motivates people all the time. 

River parvati:

The Parvati River runs through Kasol’s Parvati Valley and is an integral component of the town. This same Parvati River is a top point of interest in Kasol. despite not being a place to visit. You may merely relax upon the boulders along. The Parvati River and just be captivated by rumbling noises. Because the flow is too unsafe to enable any adventure activities. 

Chalal place:

Chalal, which is located at an elevation of about 5300 feet. And is a 30-minute journey from Kasol’s tourist centre, has managed to keep its old-world mountain hamlet rustic appeal. This tiny hamlet has been dubbed as “Israel for Himachal Pradesh” for its spectacular views of winter weather mountains and gorgeous pine trees, and appropriately so!

Camping in kasol:

     Kasol has a broad choice of camping alternatives, from elegant contemporary sites to economical ones. 

There are many camps in Kasol where you can have lifetime memories and unforgettable experiences. Kabila camps, parvati camps of wood, camps of jalpa, aman camps,etc. 

What to Bring

  1. Hiking boots
  2. Wear warm clothing
  3. A first-aid kit and medications
  4. Pole for Hiking
  5. Flashlight
  6. Bottles of water

Sunscreen lotion is number seven, while the Swiss knife is number eight.

Power bank and camera


Kasol’s nights are filled with rave parties. The events are held in locations that are not easily accessible. During the night, but the Shimla Police are on high alert. As a result,  they conduct raids in such localities. There are eateries that stay  ‘and’ open till midnight. Kasol is not an unknown tourist attraction. Despite the fact that it has little to offer but natural beauty. This area is popular with daring travellers and is not far from Manali’s  most famous attraction. This natural tourism attraction, which has  a lot of great sightseeing. Is a must-see for everyone who enjoys adventure in the unexpected. Kasol is also a destination that exemplifies the warmth of Indian hospitality. With an Israeli immigrant colony adding a Jewish flavour to the area.

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