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Suffering from Orbi satellite offline issues? Here’s how to fix it!

Are you suffering from Orbi satellite offline issues? Is your Orbi satellite not connecting to the internet? Are you struggling to know how to set up Orbi to get rid of satellite offline issues? Don’t fret at all! The below guide will help you fix the Orbi satellite offline issues within a few seconds. It is frustrating when you cannot access your Orbi router and satellite network even after connecting successfully to the network. Whether you use the Orbi app or the login page, the satellite will still show offline status. Sometimes, you see Orbi pink light on your satellite, it means the satellite is not in its position correctly. Just be with us and follow the few guided steps on this page. You can then resolve your Orbi login access issues.

Reboot your Orbi satellite and the router

Orbilogin satellite offline issues can occur due to some technical glitches in your satellite and the Orbi setup procedure. Restart your Orbi setup devices and the satellite to fix the problems. Power off the router and your satellite by pressing the power button. Unplug your Orbi satellite from the power slot and reconnect it after a few minutes. Power it on and sync it again with the router.

Check the power supplying cables

Ensure that the power supplying cables you have connected to your Orbi firmware login device and the satellite are working fine. If you find them loose or damaged, replace the internet cables. Sometimes the Wi-Fi cables are fine, but the problem is with the electric sockets. So you need to check which power socket is creating power issues in your Orbi router and the satellite.

Keep your satellite within the optimal range of your Orbi router. If you have placed the satellite far away from the Orbi login device, move it closer to the router. And then press the sync button. If you see Orbi pink light on your satellite, plug it near the router.  Also, check if your Orbi firmware needed an update or not.

Power cycle your Orbi Wi-Fi system

Have you followed the above steps correctly but are unable to fix the Orbi satellite offline issue? If so, power cycle your Orbi Mesh Wifi system and all connected devices with it.

  1. Disconnect all client or network devices from your network.
  2. Power off the modem by removing it from the power source.
  3. Also, power off your Orbi firmware login devices and unplug them from the power source.
  4. Remove the satellite from the power source and wait for some time.
  5. After a few minutes, plug your Orbilogin device, satellite, and computer into the power outlets.
  6. Wait until your Orbi router and the modem starts up once again.
  7. Also, wait till the internet connection starts again, and then plug your router.
  8. Once you see that the router and the satellite are one, press the sync button on your Orbi router first.
  9. After a few seconds, press the sync button on your Orbi satellite and wait for the synchronization to complete. Make sure you don’t see Orbi pink light on your satellite as it indicates a poor connection between your Orbi router and the satellite
  10. As you see that the sync process has been completed, place your satellite in the desired location to access the internet in every corner of your home.

How to set up an Orbi router and satellite to put in Orbi Mode?

Orbi satellite offline issues also occur when you put your Orbi satellite in extender Mode. In extender mode, you cannot use the Orbi app and the interface to check the status of your wifi network. If you set up your Orbi router and the satellite in extender mode, your satellite will continuously face offline issues. So, if you want to get rid of the Orbi satellite offline issue, learn how to set up the Orbi satellite in Orbi Mode instead of Extender Mode.

  1. Make sure that your Orbi satellite is plugged properly into a power source near the router.
  2. After completing the Orbi setup and login process, you can place the satellite between your Orbi router and the wifi dead zones.
  3. Press and hold the Sync button on your Orbi satellite. And then, press and release the power button.
  4. After this action, your Orbi satellite will turn, but keep holding the Sync button for a few more seconds.
  5. Wait till you see Orbi blinking white light and then blue on the ring light of your Orbi satellite.
  6. Pulsing blue indicates that your Orbi satellite is booting and getting extender Mode.
  7. Orbi pulsing white means the satellite is in Orbi router mode and ready to sync with it.
  8. If you see Orbi pink Lighton your satellite, consider moving the satellite close to the router.
  9. Now you will see that the Orbi satellite offline issue has been resolved.
  10. You can access the internet without any disturbance and dropping connection issues.

Reconfigure your Orbi Wi-Fi system properly

Are you wondering how to set up Orbi? So it connects with the satellite without any problem? If so, first of all, login into your Orbi login device using the interface. Go to the web browser and access the address bar. Enter the Orbi firmware login address on the address bar, and then hit the enter button. You can now see the Orbi login window that will lead you to its dashboard. But before it, you have to enter the Orbi default password and the username.

You can synchronise your satellite with the router after getting the Orbi login dashboard. Use the sync button on your Orbi router and the satellite to connect it with your Orbi’s network. Make sure your satellite is not surrounded by any signal interring objects, such as walls, tables, shelves, flower pots, and heavy metal items. This is how to set up Orbi after a power cycling process. Call our technical Orbi login team to get more information about Orbi satellite offline issues and troubleshooting tips.


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