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The right boxing equipment is meant to protect you, while still leaving you light enough to battle it out. For any beginner boxer, good quality training Boxing  gloves and focus pads are a must. They’re what help you become better, along with a lot of grit and practice. So how do you pick the best boxing gloves and pads? 

Boxing Gloves

Choosing your boxing gloves with care is vital; think of them as a part of your body, just as much as your hands are. They are meant to help you perform to the best of your abilities, which is why the wrong gloves can hamper and hurt you.  In boxing, different circumstances necessitate particular types of gloves that offer respective levels of support. To handle training sessions that involve a heavy bag, for example, you generally need bag gloves. Training gloves are for workouts and conditioning while sparring gloves are necessary for practice bouts. 

Training boxing gloves

are adaptable, lightweight gloves that may be used by both amateur and expert boxers. Training boxing gloves are designed to do it all; frequently, they may be worn for training, sparring, and bag work. Due to their versatility, they are the best sort of boxing glove for beginners. When you first start out, you might not want to spend money on different gloves for every scenario. Here are our top-rated recommendations for great all-rounder gloves: 

G30 wonder fit boxing gloves 

 Buying good gloves in this price bracket may be challenging since you’re always plagued by the thought that they could be promising more than they can give. However, these gloves, really do deliver. 

 A great feature of these gloves is that they are suitable for individuals who eschew animal products since they are made from what they refer to as their “Duratec” patent PU leather, a high-performing, and long-lasting polyurethane. This also simplifies maintenance because you don’t need specific cleaning supplies the way you do for leather. These gloves are easy to spot with their upmarket look: the cherry red logo on glossed white faux leather stands out.   

The G30s include pre-curved foam cushioning for a powerful and concentrated hit, and thick “Wonder Fit” foam technology to keep your hand secure. This is made easier by the front polymax grip bar, which relieves pressure from your forearms. These have a good-sized, 7.5 cm broad strap that remains firmly in place on the wrist without sliding. The wrist strap’s rubber grips make it simple to put on and remove the gloves, saving time and effort after a sweaty workout. 

C20 Training Boxing Glove  

The C20s’ simple yet distinctive V-shaped design makes them a fashionable choice, getting you good looks on a budget. They can be used for kickboxing, MMA, and muay Thai, saving you money on buying separate pairs for each. This is particularly advantageous for those who are new to fighting or fitness enthusiasts who enjoy trying out various classes.   

These gloves are made from PU Duarte leather, a leather alternative that’s vegan-friendly and easy to clean and maintain. These also get points for being comfortable to wear. They are simpler to hang up to dry and sanitize in the sun because of their waterproof lining. Even if you forgo boxing wraps, your hand is less likely to slide around the glove thanks to Starpro’s Hydra Flow mesh, which helps keeps hands ventilated. 

Since there are sizes and weight alternatives available in the range of 8oz to 16oz, fighters at all levels of expertise and training may use them. The multi-layered foam that is employed is shock absorbing, protecting your knuckles. This makes it easier for you to maintain concentration while yet landing that punch safely.  

Boxing Focus Pads 

The focus pad is undoubtedly the most crucial piece of equipment in a trainer’s toolbox since it not only serves to protect the boxer’s fists but also the trainer themselves from harm. Often referred to as coaching pads, these simulate the atmosphere of a fight in the ring and aid in teaching fighters efficient combinations and maneuvers that they may use in actual contact situations. 

The most common sort of focus pad is the hook and jab type. These come in a range of sizes; we advise novices to start with larger pads so they have more surface area to perfect their accuracy, before moving on to smaller ones for more seasoned boxers who are adept at hitting their targets. Our two top recommendations are: 

Premier Pro Concave Coach Mitt 

Your training strategy to increase the pace and timing of your hits is to use these coaching focus pads. A grip ball helps the coach in holding the pads in place so that hits land where they’re meant to. They are incredibly lightweight, making them perfect for a variety of session lengths. The EVA foam structure is compact yet super protective for total safety. 

These coaching mitts are robust in all the right places for a smooth, wrinkle-free performance because they are made from the ideal combination of real leather, premium microfibre, and synthetic leather. They have a sturdy structure. So you know they will last a long time. These mitts’ smaller size makes them an efficient tool for honing a fighter’s precision. 

C20 Coaching Pad 

The large dimensions, rounded edges, and curved design of this pad provide a larger striking area. Making it ideal for practicing both punches and kicks. These are comfortable for the fighter as well as the coach due to their durable outer layer, soft padded insides, reinforced handles, and foam cushioning. 

These are made to last you throughout your boxing and MMA training since they are constructed out of synthetic leather with a no-tear coating. Which is both durable and easy to maintain. With the Velcro fastening. the mitt is always in place. For the ideal fit, simply adjust it to your liking.  


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