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Six key factors to bear in mind while buying natural stone Pool Tiles

Australians love swimming pools, don’t they? The idea of spending time with family or chilling in the beautiful patios or outdoor poolside spaces appeals to many. It has been a trend that will stay for a long time. Henceforth, to renovate or construct new pools at your home, you should bear a few important considerations in mind. Your pool tile should be safe and highly functional. Aesthetics should not be the only factor when selecting pool tiles. Here are the six crucial factors to consider for natural stone pool tiles.  

  1. Are your Pool Tiles durable enough?

The first factor to bear in mind is to see if the tiles for pools are durable. Imagine you are walking on the tiles around the pool, and you spot a crack. Or your pool tiling job proved substandard with chipped edges or physical damages. Hence pick pool tiles with good weather-resistance and strength to endure traffic and regular wear & tear. This is more important for indoor pool tiles where foot traffic might be high. 

  1. Do slip-resistant pool tiling 

Any surface close to water bodies tends to get slippery with time if not cleaned or treated well. Pool areas are among the riskiest areas of the house owing to the slippery surface. Kids and elders must be careful around pools. With the water splashing around, you possibly can’t keep an eye on the surrounding pool tiles every minute.

Averting slipping hazards is only possible when your pool tiles are slip-resistant. The texture of the natural stone tiles offers good friction, reducing the chances of fall accidents. It is hence advisable to install pool tiles like Sandblasted Granite, Honed Sandstone, or Unfilled Travertine. 

  1. Tiles for pools should be cool under the sun

If the pool is outdoors, then the crucial thing to consider is how fast pool tiles heat up under the sun. The scorching sun heats natural stones, making them hard to walk on bare feet. You can avoid this with two different techniques.

The first way is to install a shade over the tiles to prevent the pool tiles from getting heated up. The second way is by choosing pool tiles that naturally remain cool. Natural stones such as Limestone and Travertine reflect the heat of the sun. They also absorb the coolness of the surface beneath and helps keep them cool. You can comfortably walk bare feet on them.  

If you are unsure of what stone to use in pool tiling, ask your tiler or stone supplier for a slip-rating test report. It is also known as the pendulum test that measures the resistance on the stone surface, in wet and dry conditions.   

 4. Pick low-maintenance pool tiles

Let us be realistic. Nobody wants products that you must maintain frequently. The same goes for Pool Tiles. Shouldn’t you choose pool tiles that do not need much upkeep? Pool surrounds are prone to algae deposits or mould formation that may create a slippery surface. Mould growth also looks bad and affects the foundation of the stone tiles.

No one has the resources and time to fix this repeatedly. Therefore, you must pick pool tiles of superior quality and ensure proper installation. For example, Limestone, Granite, or Travertine are durable, require less maintenance, and have a long life. Light-coloured stones might get stained quickly, hence choose darker or medium-toned pool tiles.

Please remember that pool tiles and all natural stones should be sealed during installation. Sealing ensures they stay protected from staining, moisture damage, and other harm.  

 5. Complementing colours

Pool areas are a favourite among Australians. Be it indoor or outdoor pools, pool tiles and pavers are chosen as per the aesthetics of the house. Having said that, the pool tiles or pavers must complement the surroundings. For residential property, the trend has always been towards lighter coloured pool tiles like Travertine in soft greyish shades or Limestone in pastel shades of cream, beige or grey.

The sole reason lighter colours are preferred in pool surrounds is that they create an illusion of space. Also, light hues feel soothing to the eyes and look sophisticated. Yet not all pool tiles need to be light in shade. Some homeowners prefer bold shaded pool tile as well. The bluish-greenish waters of the pool stand out exquisitely aligned with the darker tiles for the pool.

Such pools look brighter and more cheerful. You can select pool tiles in a single colour for visual continuity. You can also go for dual-coloured stones and give them an individualized touch. Whatever you choose should complement your home’s style and personal taste. 

6. The style of pool tiles 

Like the colours of pool tiles, choosing the right style is also a crucial factor. For instance, the tiles of your pool surrounds are large format tiles. The larger the tiles, means lesser the grime or dirt build-up. This means you are likely to spend less on large-sized tiles.

On the other hand, if you want to have a design that captivates and is detailed oriented, go for smaller-sized pool tiles. Small format pool tile introduce an unmatched intricacy. Smaller pool tiles let you experiment with designs and highlight your creativity. However, you must maintain them more often.   

Summing up  

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, budget is an especially crucial point to consider while choosing the right pool tiles. Depending on the quality, natural stone pool tiles come in different price brackets. However, they are less expensive than glass tiles.

Stone tiles also score a point over other materials as they are eco-friendly. Once you have a budget estimate, it will be easy for you to make a choice and consider the factors. The safety of your pool surroundings and the quality of the stones are of utmost importance.

We would rather advise you to prioritize these over others. Style, design, and colour scheme can be thought about later but not before the durability and maintenance needs of your pool tiles. The more you spend on repair or maintenance of pool tile implies higher the budget. Make your choice wisely and chalk out a detailed plan.

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