Signs Your Car Is Having Exhaust Problems

In this Article we are going to focus on Signs Your Car Is Having Exhaust Problems! Cars have an internal combustion engine that produces exhaust gases inside. In order to manage the exhaust gases, a sound exhaust system is mandatory as it aids in keeping off the burnt gases from the internal combustion engine. Also, it is necessary for an exhaust system to function properly to keep the car driver and atmosphere safe. Not only does an exhaust system enhances safety standards, but it plays a vital role in maintaining your engines, restricting fumes outside the cabin, lowering gaseous emissions and also preventing a noisy engine. Therefore, the exhaust system should be maintained and serviced regularly for both the upkeep of the car and the owner’s safety as well.

Why is it important to keep your car’s exhaust system in a proper state?

The exhaust system of a car plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the car. And, if you tend to overlook exhaust system issues and drive your vehicle without paying heed to such underlying problems, you may end up paying a hefty price for your mistake. A car’s exhaust system can suffer damage due to a plethora of reasons, and the results can be more dangerous than you expect them to be.

Besides damaging other parts, it can also raise an environmental concern and put others around you at risk. Thus, you must keep an eye on any type of car exhaust problem and opt for logbook servicing from time to time.

But how do you get to know that there is an exhaust problem in your car? What are the signs that signal an exhaust system failure? Read on to get acquainted with a few signs and symptoms that indicate car exhaust problems:

Unpleasant odour from the engine

In case a catalytic converter starts malfunctioning, carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases are prone to be released into the atmosphere, putting the environment at stake. Even leaky exhaust pipes can cause such an issue and emit harmful gases. But the good part is that these gases expel a stinky or, you can say, an obnoxious smell, which indicates that there is something wrong with your car’s exhaust. So, if you happen to sniff such odours, it is pretty evident that the exhaust system is the culprit behind such a condition and thus needs to be checked instantly.

Suspended or dragging exhaust pipes 

If you see your car’s exhaust pipe touch and drag on the ground, it is a clear indicator that your car has accrued exhaust problems and requires immediate servicing. This is advised because if any of the pipe parts tend to break due to the dragging, leakage problems are prone to creep up. So, hanging exhaust pipes not only proves to be a danger for you but also for the other car drivers around you.

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Drop in the mileage

If you have issues with your car’s exhaust system, it can also affect your cars’ fuel consumption. An exhaust system that is partially blocked can develop back pressure which further reduces the efficiency of the fuel, and you end up paying huge fuel bills. Also, there arises a possibility of leakage near the car’s engine. So, if you have to fill fuel in your car frequently, make sure that you check out the exhaust system and seek the services from a car service to avoid any sort of mishap.

Hissing sounds

Exhaust problems are directly associated with a malfunctioning manifold gasket. The exhaust manifold of a car has a gasket that acts as a seal and prevents gas leakage. But if there is a problem with it, you get to hear a suspicious and hissing sound from the car’s engine. One should not drive a car in such a case and get the gasket repaired as soon as possible because if not fixed, it can cause damage to the catalytic converter and other parts of the exhaust system.

Engine turning noisy

A noisy engine is again a strong indicator of a faulty car exhaust system. If you find your car engine turning excessively noisy, you need to get the exhaust gasket checked for good. The noise usually results because of the exhaust leakage that produces a tapping and hissing noise and tends to get louder when you initially start or accelerate your car. Hence, it is imperative that you keep an ear to hearing any unusual sound that comes from your engine and seek car exhaust services at your earliest.

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Reduction in the power

A faulty exhaust system also affects your car’s performance and acceleration ability. In such a case, when your car’s exhaust system is not working properly, you might require to put in a lot of effort and energy while accelerating the car. There arises an issue in quick acceleration and may further worsen the problem if it is not addressed at an early stage. Also, you will witness a drop in the pickup and power of your car that you used to experience in the early years.


Rusting can also cause car exhaust problems. The exhaust system of a car has to undergo frequent cooling and heating of the system. Besides this, water vapour is also released during the process, which can cause rusting, further giving birth to issues in the exhaust system. Thus, if you see signs and symptoms of corrosion, get your car rushed to a service centre before it’s too late to get the exhaust system inspected.


These were a few signs and symptoms of inspecting damage in your car’s exhaust system. Burning smell, noisy engine, excess fuel consumption, there are too many signs that indicate an exhaust system failure. If you find any such signs showing up, it can be a cause for concern. Thus, if you spot any such signs, seek car repair services from the nearest outlet and get your car checked and repaired at your earliest to prevent any future risks.

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