Safety Practices for Using Armour Etch Cream

Glass etching is a form of art reemerging with advanced techniques and trends. People love decorating their homes and kitchen with trendy utensils, from resin plates and trays to etched glassware. The etching is performed with a very simple process that includes working with engraving stencils and a glass etching solution. An etching solution or a cream breaks down the glass part, resulting in a beautiful pattern on the surface. The design is also named “French embossing” in the modern era. 

To perform glass etching, you must have art supplies, including a masking sheet, brush, an etching stencil and Armour Etch Cream. Although the etching process is safe and quick, it must be performed with all safety gears to avoid any mishap. 

This article will guide you on how to perform etching while considering all the precautions. Armour Etch cream is an acidic etching solution that is also corrosive. Undoubtedly, it is the best product for etching, but it can cause health side effects if not handled properly.

5 Precautions for Using Armour Etch

It is important to take the necessary precautions while dealing with the Armour Etch cream. Being acidic can cause skin irritation or other health issues. Here are some precautions that must be taken while using Armour Etch glass etching cream:

1: Must wear gloves

Dealing with etching and engraving must be done by being protective. Armour etch is an acidic solution that comes in contact with the skin and causes discomfort and burning. So, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment such as gloves to keep your skin safe. Use any disposable gloves for etching glassware, including nitrile or vinyl gloves. 

The protective gloves act as a barrier between skin and cream and don’t let the cream cause any harm. In addition, the gloves help offer a good grip while working with Glass. Glass will not slip easily from the covered hands, and gloves will provide a firm grip on the objects. 

2: Protective eyewear

Having etch splashed into your eyes is not a good thing, and it would be best if you were focused while dealing with any acidic solution as they can cause eye burns. Armour Etch has some harsh ingredients that can be very dangerous if splashed into the eyes, and hence it is necessary to cover your eyes with protective glasses to avoid splashing. 

3: Ventilation

Since the etching creams contain harsh chemicals with a pungent smell. The strong smell can irritate people who have any breathing issues. Moreover, the scent can trigger allergies in sensitive people. Hence, it is vital to check out the ventilated area to accommodate the user. Apply the cream in an airy environment, so that there are no side effects of the pungent smell. 

Using a face mask is also an excellent approach to avoid its intense smell that can trigger allergic reactions. 

4: No flame

The etching creams and solutions contain harsh chemicals that can easily catch fire. Hence, notice that there should be no flame where you deal with Armour Etch. Do not burn a candle or anything in its vicinity, as the cream can easily catch fire. Likewise, avoid eating and smoking when etching glassware with Armour Etch etching cream.

5: Wash hands after using Armour Etch

Before starting the glass etching process, wash your hands and use disposable gloves to get perfect results. It will help avoid any ridges or marks on the glass surface. Don’t forget to wash your hands  after glass etching. It is essential to wash hands to wash any chemical residues from the skin that can be the source of health issues. 

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