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Puno Jaipur ticket prices and timings


Jaipur is a beautiful place, but most people don’t realize how stunning it is. Jaipur is situated in the largest state of India. You’ll see why Jaipur is known as ‘The Pink City’ because of the beautiful stucco buildings along its wide streets. You can spend your time exploring Jaigarh forts, City Palace, and Hawa Mahal. If you are looking for something unique, you can visit one of the bazaars to pick up a pair of camel-leather slippers.

About Puno

Puno is also known as a resort. This place is popular and located in Jaipur. Most people won’t think twice about traditional hangouts like going to the movies, shopping, or going to a café. We also know that you are probably running out of fun things to do with friends and family. To make sure you have a blast, we have built Jaipur’s first trampoline park! You read that right. You will find trampolines, but also other strenuous and fun activities that will keep you pumped. Warm-up! You will find plenty of climbing, jumping, and dunking while at PUNO.

Mr. Pankaj Agarwal

Mr. Pankaj Agarwal founded PUNO. Since its inception, PUNO is a favorite design. He was the social face of the brand and ensured that there were many avenues for growth.


PUNO overgrown-ups


Weekdays (Mon to Thu)

Weekends( Fri to Sun)


PUNO overgrown- ups 90 beats WEEKDAY

PUNO overgrown- ups 90 beats WEEK


PUNO overgrown- ups 120 beats WEEKDAYS

PUNO overgrown- ups 120 beats WEEKENDS

Timings: From 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Entry freights for children below 3.25 bases- Free, children between 3.25 bases to 4.5 bases- Rs.350 per head, overgrown- ups above 4.5 bases-Rs.500 at and Rs.600 Sundays Monday through Saturday.

These are the instructions in the PUNO Jaipur

  1. All prices include GST
  2. PUNO Grips socks must be purchased fromcounter@Rs. 80 brace.
  3. Lockers will be available for Rs. 50 for the package duration and a Refundable Security Deposit will beRs. 450/-
  4. Only shirtdresses over 7 years old are permitted in Adventure Arena.
  5. Youths below the age of 3 must be accompanied by 1 Guardian
  6. Respect your niche timings and reach counters at least 30 beats in advance.
  7. The PUNO PROTECTION ACT (P3) must be observed.
  8. By copping, you can add 30 beats to the being package. Recharge for Rs. 350 on Weekdays and Rs. 400 on Weekend( Fri- Sun) peak days.
  9. Online disclaimer forms must be completed.


A Disclaimer Form

For anyone who wishes to participate in trampoline jumping, courses, or adventure exertion, a disclaimer form must be signed and submitted. You can sign and submit a disclaimer on your own, but it is best to do so online through our website.

PUNO taverns with expansive

Hotel Hacienda Puno Centro Historico

3 stars

Hotel in Puno

The Hotel Hacienda Puno, located 1 block away from the Cathedral and Main Square, offers free parking and free WiFi. Warm (in June, in fact)-Selection of breakfast-hot pressure water pressure- large bathroom.

Standing 8.6


706 reviews

Prices start at Rs,448 per night

Taverns with Aesthetics are truly GOOD

Qelqatani hotel

This opens in a new window

PUNO shows a map 200 m away from the center

Trip Sustainable property

This family-run hotel is located in Puno’s heart. It offers apartments with en-suite bathrooms and string TV. The Qelqatani hotel is located just 5 minutes from bars and caffs, and Titicaca lake.

It’s truly great to 153 reviews, with Hostal Titikaka Maria Reich.

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Puno show map 0.6 km from the center

Hostal Titikaka Maria Reich is located in Puno, 300m from Estadio Enrique Torres Belon, and 300m from Central Market. It offers megacity views and free WiFi.

2 reviews

Position 10

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The only thing that excites me is the adrenaline rush and exhilaration you get after trying something new and bold. Fun at Puno was an analogous experience that I’m about to share.

Fun at Puno, India’s first inner trampoline demesne, is located in Jaipur (near Ajmer Expressway). This trampoline demesne offers all kinds of fun lifts, and games and will provide you with a thrilling and heart-warming experience without having to go to any adventure demesne.

It will be amazing to see how much effort and how many games they offer. My favorite lifts were the Rope Course, Wipe Out, and Free Jump Arena. The School also offers a great food section with delicious beverages and mouthwatering delights that are just a cherry on top of the cake.

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