Points to maintain flagship personality calcium shirts!

Keep the football team together, check! Customs football jersey for them, check! Now, you can ask yourself how to take care of your personal kind of football shirts so that they are dynamic and difficult throughout the season.

Customized jersey of color and uniforms is made with high-quality fabric, which is difficult and resistant to tearing and tearing. Design and colors are there to stay there because they are excellent shirts, so drawings are included in the fabric. Here are some tips that you can share with your players to wash their personal football shirts to ensure that they are in their best form throughout the season.

It is better to wash them immediately after use

After a great game, the celebration comes and we all know where the shirts are going: it was dragged to the back of a chair or blocked in the bathroom basket after a great game at night. Although your personal kind of football jersey will recover even if you let them sit at night if your shirt has supported some stains, getting this stain from fabric and the unpleasant smell would be a difficult war not to mention.

It is better to throw and throw them into the washing machine as soon as they come home. When you are giving everything on the field, this is your personal football shirt. All of our personal sports uniforms have instant features for moisture. Your personal kind of football shirt is designed to redirect sweat and keep you fresh and dry during the game. After all this hard work, it certainly needs to be washed well!

Wash by hand or in the washing machine on delicate washing of the cycle

Sports uniforms are customized with properties that receive moisture, which requires a little additional treatment. Cold water will maintain bright colors, but will also prevent the fabric of the personal calcium jersey from prematurely. Always choose a minor detergent. When washing personal calcium shirts, do not use chemicals such as fabric softs, as it can create a coating above the chemical fabric that will compromise its moisture administration. If you prefer to wash your personal calcium shirts by hand, do not squeeze the shirt thoroughly to dry it, as it can lose shape. It is okay to shake slowly to remove excess moisture, but do not squeeze too much.

Use vinegar or baking soda to eliminate the smell

Instead of using heavy detergents and chemicals, to eliminate heavy smells that come after a big day of the game with your sports uniform, add a cup of vinegar to the washing machine candidate distributor. So let the washing machine do its job. We promise that vinegar helps to fight all the odor, leaving a personalized Chelsea jersey with this panic. Instead, once the washing cycle is over, the Chelsea jersey will have a clean and fresh fragrance! Nothing takes care of the smell like sodium bike carbonate. It is surprising to get rid of the odor, such as when you closed your personal football shirt in the gym bag on the weekend, throw a cup of sodium bike carbonate and take care of it!

Do not dry personal calcium shirts in the dryer

keep personal shirts in the dryer on a low heat basis it is better to dry on the drying grid. Dryer heat can cause the flexibility of personal calcium shirts and the loss of this grip. Calcium equipment such as straps, if dry with heat, is at risk of losing its shape.

Dry with a hair dryer on the fresh sequence to prevent jerks

If you have to suffer from wrinkles while drying the air of a personal calcium shirt or you have to dry it quickly, you can use a hair dryer on a beautiful frame. It should not be necessary to dry its personal football jersey, as it still contains a technique that revolves around moisture and prevents wrinkles

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