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The NCR ( National Capital Region) of India, Delhi is also preferred as a travel destination and finds a significant place among the tourist attractions in the country. In Delhi, there are many best places to visit with family, friends, and couples and even for a solo trip. Delhi is known  it’s completely different lifestyle and also for a lot of other reasons, the delicacies and the awesome eateries and restaurants,occupying an important place.

There are many weekend getaway destinations around to offer a much needed break from the humdrum affairs to the localities as well for a short vacation. As Delhi is well connected and accessible to most of the tourist spots in Northern India. It is easier for the holiday seekers to travel around. That’s why Delhi is also called the hub of travelers.

Travelers remain engaged as Delhi has got some neighbouring travel. Destinations which are captivating and interesting for both  the vacationers as well as the adventure- seekers. Apart from these several entertainment facilities and  nearby amusements  have become. A center of attraction  for the people and the Delhiites themselves.You can find a lot of popular destination sites in Delhi if you are visiting with your family;  from offbeat destinations to popular ones, from weekend getaway spots to vacation destinations.

So if you are looking for some exciting destinations to travel from Delhi with your family, we have got you covered and can suggest a few amongst the many in the list:


Known  as  the “Yoga capital of the world- Rishikesh, ” is located at a distance of about 260 km away from Delhi. One can enjoy nature at its best as this place is surrounded by hills, greenery all over, serenity, and natural beauty. Rishikesh can be best described as this. During the summers, Rishikesh is one of the best travel destinations even for a short weekend trip. This place is thronged by devotees all throughout the year and is situated at Uttarakhand. A happening destination; one of its kind and relieves all kinds of travellers. From enjoying numerous adventurous activities such as bungee jumping, water rafting  to natural beauty spots that offer splendid scenic views, it has also got some attractive pilgrimage sites, therefore admired by one and all for a vacation or holidays. 


When it comes to holidaying with family, there are several places to travel to or get set to go to. One such offbeat destination near Delhi for holidaying with your family is Lansdowne. Which is located in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh. It has got a plethora of things to offer; right from beautiful and some wonderful spots to some remarkable environment for rejuvenation and relaxation.

One of the suitable  destinations for Delhiites because it helps them get off their monotony and enjoy their time with their family. Situated at an altitude of 1706 m above sea level, Lansdowne is also known for its serene and natural beauty. So, to enjoy one’s heart out, one can plan a trip to Lansdowne with their family. A wildlife spot attraction nearby also acts as a center of attraction for the wildlife lovers from Delhi.


Jaipur which is popularly known as the “ Pink City of India”. Is situated at a distance of about 280 kms away from Delhi, almost 5 hours  journey. It is well known for the historical attractions as well as the  cultural heritages and forts, coming to mind. Such as Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, among others. It finds attractions among the ones who love to explore the heritage and the historical sites of India. Comparatively peaceful, serene and greener city than Delhi; a lot of people visit Jaipur from Delhi with their families and friends. Also well known for its pristine parks, humongous and boastful forts, scrumptious cuisines, and colorful local markets and above all the good atmosphere.

Mostly visited during the winters, this can be a perfect place to be on your bucket list this winter. The famous delicacy of Rajasthan, the popular “Daal- Baati- Choorma”. Tastes so wonderful and it’s a loss if one gives it a miss! In all this way, Jaipur is the best place to visit for an awesome family trip.

To end it all, Delhi is one of the best destinations as it fulfills one’s  need personally as well as  professionally. It also provides some relief to the monotony of life; it offers accessibility by air, road and train to some of the wonderful travel destinations.

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