Motivational Shayari in English, Whatsapp and Instagram [2022]

Motivational Shayari in English
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It takes time to turn water into ice, it takes time
for the sun to rise
, we can’t change luck,
but it takes time to change luck with our spirits..!!

Motivational Shayari in English

Such blood is needed in which there is a boil,
such passion is needed for victory,
this sky. will also. come on the ground,
there should be such echo in the intentions..!!

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No matter how many swamps, keep your feet in life, even if your
hands are empty, but keep it lifted,
who says.water.cannot stop in a sieve, keep
your spirits up till the snow freezes..!!

There are destinations in the eyes, there are
difficult roads ahead,
but I got entangled with every difficulty,
and I went ahead..!!

Motivational Shayari in English and share it on Facebook

The hero who walks on the path of struggle,
he changes this world, the one
who won the darkness, the trouble, and the battle with himself,
he emerges as the sun..!!

Motivational Shayari in English

Today the clouds again conspired,
it rained where my house was,
if the panel has the stubbornness to drop the lightning,
then we also have the stubbornness to set up the houses there..!!

If the destination is in front, don’t divert the path,
whatever is in your mind, don’t break the dream,
you. will find every step,
just don’t leave the ground to touch the stars..!!

blood does not boil even now, it is not blood, it is water,
the youth which is not useful for our country and parents,
is useless youth..!!

Motivational Shayari in English

Why should I be? afraid of. what will happen in life,
why should I think that what will happen bad, I will keep
on moving towards my destination,
if I get it, it will be fine.. otherwise, I will have experience.

best Motivational Shayari in English, Whatsapp, and Instagram

Now only the clarinets
are playing, the drums are yet to be played,
now only the sparrows have taken flight,
the real eagle is yet to fly..!!

Motivational Shayari in English

Keep the passion in your eyes and spark in your heart, keep a
lot of tricks if. you. want to stay alive,
there are no stones in the path, the destinations
will give voice, continue the journey..!!

Nothing is difficult in this world,
yet people break their intentions,
if there is a desire to do something in the heart,
then the stars also leave their place..!!

I just want to become an IAS,
work hard for a great goal,
then see those who will lose you,
they will cry for life..!!

If you have failed even
once, try again with double enthusiasm,
we fail only
when you do not give your %..!!

The dream is to change the country, for change
I have to fight evil,
have decided to pass UPSC,
do my duty by becoming an IAS..!!

Motivational Shayari in English

Neither struggle nor trouble, then what is the fun in living,
big.storms.stop when there is a fire in the chest..!!

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