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Most Valuable Instagram Automation Tips To Grow Your Business



One of the most effective strategies for expanding one’s Instagram following, expanding one’s online influence, and generating new leads is to use automated software. Remember that automation is a tool for your business, not a replacement for your social media managers. You need to build up the ideal automation for you and your brand in order to get the most out of Instagram automation.

Finding the greatest Instagram automation examples, ideas, and methods that work for you or your business may be challenging. In that case, here are some guidelines to assist you in choosing which one would serve your needs best and bring in more clients.


Get The Correct Equipment


Having the proper equipment at your disposal may significantly reduce your workload and stress levels. An Instagram direct message (DM) automation tool is one type of Instagram automation. Engaging with your target audience through automated likes, comments, and replies to article mentions is possible with the aid of a chatbot. With automated responses to frequently asked questions in place, your social media manager will have more time to devote to growth campaigns, other high-priority duties, and the enjoyment of their profession.


Acknowledge The Robot


You should make it clear to your audience that they are engaging with a bot the vast majority of the time. Instagram users often have a good sense of whether or not a post is authentic.

If you’re a company or an influencer with a sizable following on Instagram, your fans won’t mind if you use a tool to respond to their queries. Finally, people want a solution to their issue to be presented in the simplest and quickest way feasible. Check out to get engagement for all videos you posted on Instagram. 

Check out Lauren Tickner’s page as an illustration. In 2021, Forbes will rank Lauren Ticker as the best business coach in the world. She has found that including a link to MobileMonkey’s auto DM feature in her profile has helped her increase her Instagram following and direct interested customers to her website.


Avoid Sending Unwanted, Robotic Messages To Others


Keep in mind that the point of social media is to socialize, and that means engaging with other users. When spam bots write generic comments on Instagram, like “hello” or “great shot,” the automation feature gets a poor name.

Making the message more individual will increase the likelihood of it being read by your company leads. A simple “hello” and “what’s your name?” can set the tone for the remainder of the conversation.


Amp Up The Participation


If all of your followers are actively participating in your posts, you don’t need a large number of followers. However, having a larger following is advantageous for companies since there are more prospective clients. Social media marketers employ interaction as a growth strategy every day by using strategies like comments-to-direct-message (DM) calls-to-action.

Our CEO, Larry Kim, used this very strategy to increase the visibility of his article at no cost to himself. Make a remark about your call to action to boost engagement and prove to Instagram that what you’ve posted is worth checking out. If you’ve posted anything interesting, their algorithm will start sharing it on the explore page.


Invest Now To Save Later


The time spent perfecting your Instagram automation approach is time well spent in the long run.

Let’s look at the automation created by Lauren Ticker as an illustration. Including all the links she needed and coming up with the content must have taken her a few hours. The number of persons who have directly messaged her with the phrase “Clients” is, nevertheless, in the tens of thousands.

Estimate the amount of time she’s saved this month from not having to respond manually to each new lead. How many potential customers have she kept from giving up because of her slow response time? The time savings might mount up quickly.

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