Most Common Types Of Boom Cranes

Construction sites seem incomplete without a crane. These are the most common and widely used equipment at the site. The gigantic machine helps to carry the load up to a certain height where human reach cannot be possible. All construction projects either industrial or residential need a crane to lift and haul the heavy loads. 

We see that the world is getting smarter and more advanced. Hence, we see many new and massive construction projects around us including skyscraper buildings. Can you imagine how would it be possible to bring material up to that sky height? It is possible because of giant cranes and other heavy equipment. Like other construction equipment, cranes are also available in different sizes and types. All of them are available with specific features to fit the project. All you need to do is choose the right one for your project. The right equipment will also increase the productivity of your project.

In this article, you will learn about the different types of boom cranes that have unique features and are widely used in construction projects.

  • Boom Crane

the equipment manufacturers make many types of cranes for sale. Among them, one of the most used cranes is a boom crane. The unique feature of this crane is its 360° mobility. This extreme mobility allows the crane boom to move in all four directions easily. The long, fixed, and hydraulic metal arm gives it the name boom crane. The boom is the largest and most important part of a crane. The three main types of boom cranes are:

  • Lattice Crawler Boom Crane

It is one of the unique types of cranes. It has a W or V-shaped lattice boom design. It provides more stability for the lifted weight. The special design also helps in reducing the total and overall weight of the load on the boom and provides more flexibility to pull it in any direction. Other important parts of the equipment are crawlers, cabs, hoists, sheaves, and wire ropes. All these things combine and work together to make the job possible. You can easily use this crane type in the tallest building projects. It will provide you with maximum flexibility, productivity, and stability. 

  • Jib Cranes

This crane has everything you need to complete a job. A crane is attached to a jib with a pulley system. The structural design has a T-shape configuration. A horizontal boom is fixed with a vertical metal base. This crane has no moveability like other cranes. You can move a pully to haul the loads. You will also not find a cab for the operator. Due to its fixed mobility and capacity, you can only use it in carrying the loads in up and down directions.

  • Mobile Automotive crane

It is a comparatively different crane from the two above-mentioned cranes. It is a large crane attached to a full-sized truck. You can adjust the boom like a telescope. You can store the boom on the top of the truck when it is not in use. The different lengths and capacities of a boom allow you to use it for different kinds of projects. You can use it in heavy jobs to smaller jobs. It will fit any job very well.


Among all the available cranes for sale in the market, a boom crane is the most versatile one. It has further three different types that have unique features. You can use them in a variety of projects. You can choose the one best fit your project. In this article, you may know about the boom crane and its types in detail.

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