Major Types of Arduino You Need to Know In 2022

For electronics students, the Arduino board was created to be used in their projects. Open-source Arduino boards allow users to create their own projects and instruments. This electronic platform includes microcontrollers, connections and LEDs. There are many types of Arduino boards on the market, including Red Board, LilyPad Arduino Mega, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino UNO and Red Board. Each of these Arduino boards has different specifications, features, and uses. They can use in different types of electronics projects.

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Top 6 Types of Arduino


Below are the top 6 types of arduino boards currently on the market.


1. Arduino UNO


Arduino UNO is considered a new board compared to other Arduino boards. The board has many features that allow the user to make use of it in their projects. Arduino UNO utilizes the Atmega16U2 microcontroller which increases the transfer speed and has large memory. The Arduino UNO board does not require additional devices such as joysticks, mice, keyboards, and so on. SCL and SDA pins are included in the Arduino UNO. Two additional pins can be found near the RESET pin.


The board has 14 digital input pins (and output pins) in which 6 are use for PWM and 6 as analog inputs. It also includes a USB connection, reset button, and one power jack. You can attach the Arduino UNO board to a computer system by purchasing a USB port. Also, you can get power supply for the board from your computer system. The flash memory in the Arduino UNO is 32 KB. It stores data. Other features of the Arduino UNO include compatibility with other shields and ability to be combined with other Arduino products.


2. LilyPad Arduino


The LilyPad Arduino can consider another type of Arduino board that is intended for integration with wearable projects or e-textile. The board is round in shape, which helps reduce snagging. It can also connect easily to other devices. This board includes the Atmega328 microcontroller as well as an Arduino bootloader. The design is simple and compatible because it uses less external components.


This board is powered by a 2 volt to 5 V power supply. It has large pin holes that allow it to connect to other devices. This board can use to control a variety of devices, including motors, lights and switches. This board’s components, such as the input board, sensor board and output boards can all wash because it is used in the clothing industry.


3. Arduino Mega


This board is the microcontroller that uses Atmega2560. It has 54 input and output pins. 14 are PWM output, four pins are hardware ports, and 16 are analog inputs. One USB connector, ICSP header and power jack are also included on the board.


Additional pins can use to act as crystal oscillators with a frequency of 16 MHz. Also, the board has flash memory with 256KB that can be used to store data. The Arduino Mega board can connect to a computer system using USB connection. A battery or an AC to DC adapter can also use to power the board. The board is suitable for projects with a large number of pins, as it has a lot of them.


4. Arduino Leonardo


This board is the microcontroller which uses the Atmega32u4 within it. It has total 20 digital input and output pins. 7 of these are use for PWM, while 12 are used as analog inputs. It also has a micro USB connector, power jack and a reset button. Additional pins act as crystal oscillators at frequency 16 MHz.


The Arduino Leonardo board is easily connect to a computer system using a USB connection. A battery or an AC to DC adapter can also use to provide power to the board. Arduino Leonardo’s microcontroller has an in-built USB connector that eliminates the need for additional processors. It acts as a mouse and keyboard for the computer system because there is no USB connection on the board. Arduino Leonardo boards are consider to be the cheapest Arduino products.


5. Arduino Red Board


Another type of Arduino board is the Arduino Red. This board uses the USB mini cable to program and the Arduino IDE. This board works with Windows 8 and does not require any security changes. Red board connects to any device using the FTDI chip or USB chip. Red board’s design is simple and can easily integrate with other projects. You only need to plug the redboard and choose the appropriate option. Then you can upload your program in no more than a few minutes. You can control the USB cable on the Arduino Redboard using the barrel jack.


6. Arduino Shields


Arduino shields can describe as pre-built circuit boards use to connect other Arduino boards. The Arduino shields are attached to Arduino boards. They enhance the ability of the board to connect to the internet, control motors, and establish wireless communication. There are many shields that can use. There are Wireless Shields as well as Ethernet Shields, Proto Shields and GSM Shields. This increases the compatibility between Arduino boards.




There are many options for electronic projects. The requirements of the project and the budget will determine the product that is best suit for you. Each product has different uses and features. The user’s requirements will determine the right product.

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