Lavender Purple Ombre Nails for Women – How to Get the Look

The lavender purple ombre nails trend (aka the royal blue ombre nails trend) has been steadily making its way into nail art recently, which means it’s time to take another look at how to do this look in more detail! If you missed our last entry on the trend, be sure to check out my previous post on how to do a traditional ombre manicure with step-by-step instructions and examples of what other women are doing with this approach!

 Choose Your Base Colour

When it comes to choosing a base colour for your lavender purple ombre nails, you have a few options. You could go with a light purple, a lavender shade, or even a royal blue. If you’re not sure which colour to choose, we recommend going with a light purple. This will help create a gradient effect when you add the ombre colour. For example, try using a lighter color at the top of your nail and a darker shade at the bottom. Step 2: Paint Your Top Coat: Now that you’ve chosen your base colour, grab your top coat and paint it on in two coats. Once this is dry, take some of your darker shades and paint them on in about three stripes across each nail starting from about halfway down the nail. These should be close together but make sure there’s space between them so they don’t touch each other.

 Paint the tips of your nails with a lighter shade

Start by painting the tips of your nails with a lighter shade of lavender purple. You can use a cotton swab or a thin brush to help get a more precise line. Then, take a slightly darker shade of lavender purple and paint the middle section of your nails. Finally, use a royal blue ombre polish to create a gradient effect on the bottom half of your nails.

 Add some glitter

Now that your nails are a gradient of lavender and purple, it’s time to add some sparkle! To get this look, start with a base coat of royal blue ombre nails. Once that’s dry, add a layer of glitter polish in a light purple shade. Finally, top it off with a clear coat to seal in the colour and glitter. And voila! You’re all set. It’s as easy as one-two-three to create a gorgeous mani using royal blue ombre nails. And you’ll have everyone asking you where you got your nails done.

Finish by painting over everything with a thin coat of your original base colour

To finish your lavender purple ombre nails, start by painting over everything with a thin coat of your original base colour. You can use a regular polish or a gel polish. Then, using a sponge, apply a gradient of your lightest purple shade from the tips of your nails upwards. For the next step, take your royal blue ombre nails and apply them to the tips of your nails. Finally, add a top coat and enjoy your beautiful new nails!

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