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Karnataka’s Uttari Betta: A day Hike


One of Karnataka’s best day hikes, Uttari Betta is a 5-kilometer climb through a stunning, lush green landscape with views reminiscent of the western ghats. The trip begins in a small town, enters the fort wall, and proceeds through seven stone doors until reaching the halfway mark, where there is a Sankareswari shrine. 


The view from the top of the temple is lovely enough to temporarily take your breath away. The journey concludes at the meadow top of the hill, which is ringed by enormous stones, after we have passed the temple and have traversed a little jungle cave. 

We start to descend back towards the starting point of the walk after spending some time at the summit with some light conversation and a packed lunch.


Level of difficulty: Easy Trek Total length: 4 kilometres (Two way)

Height: 1130 metres

80 km separates you from Bangalore.

Age requirement: 6 years

28 to 32 degrees outside (March to June)


Itinerary for the Uttari Betta Trek 


Pickup from Silk Board at 6:00 A.M.

Breakfast should be consumed when travelling at 8:30 AM. – Arrive at Base Camp and Begin Trekking

12:30 PM – Eat a meal at 2:00 PM. – Start descending at 4:00 PM • Arrive at base camp

05:00 PM – Stop for self-funded tea and refreshments en route

7 PM – Arrive in Bangalore


Items to Bring


A mask and hand sanitizer

Identity documentation is required.

Sunglasses with a sun hat (your wish)

Wear quick-drying sports or trekking pants.

Don light-colored attire.

Do not dress in dark colours.

Keep gold and other jewellery off your person.

sports or hiking boots with excellent traction

Foodstuffs: Energy bars Glucon D: ORS Powder; dried fruits 

Please dress in full tracksuits and sleeves to protect yourself from the summer sun, thorns, insects, and prickles.

Rain is predicted, so prepare your luggage appropriately to prevent it from becoming wet.

Put your valuables and phones in plastic bags twice.

If you don’t want to get wet, wear rain gear such as a poncho or waterproof jacket.


Best time to visit 


The ideal time to visit Uttari Betta is between The Betta is gorgeous all year long. The greatest months are July to February since these are the monsoon months, when one can see the lush vegetation and experience walking among the clouds. The ambiance is cosy and comfortable in the winter. Summertime is a favourite time for Uttari Betta sunrise treks because of the stunning cloud formations and to avoid the harsh summer sun throughout the day.


How to get to Uttari Betta


Road travel to Uttari Betta is 75 kilometres from Bangalore. On the Bengaluru-Mangalore National Highway India – NH48 near Kunigal, Uttari Betta is located off the Kunigal-Magadi state highway S.H. 94, about 7 km from it and 10 km from the Anchepalya industrial area.

By air: Bangalore’s Kempegowda International Airport. From Bangalore city, it is simple to take a bus or taxi to go to the starting point of the 

Uttari Betta trekking trail.


What do the experts say about Uttari Betta ?


Once you are set out on your journey at night with the goal of reaching the summit just before daybreak. The journey begins in a little town. You will enter the defensive barricade and pass through seven stone entryways after walking through the village in the dark for a respectable period of time. The majority of the trail’s trembling is caused by boulders and steps carved into enormous rocks. You will reach the halfway point of the ascent after passing through these doors, which leads to a Shankeshwar temple at the summit. The view from the top of the temple is stunning enough to stick in your head for a while. The path continues after you pass the sanctuary.

At this summit, you will see the brilliant sunrise with nothing but green grass, beautiful skies, and enormous boulders that are grey in colour. Enjoy this mind-blowing moment as long as you can since it will help you later on in nostalgia recall the supreme harmony you experienced at that time.


You will let yourself to savour in its excellence as the glorious dawn breaks, the sky filled with an astonishing combination of hues. You will quickly begin our descent down to the base camp following this. Attempt to go cautiously while admiring the beauty of the slopes. After a brief pause for breakfast, you will continue on to Bangalore. At this height, where there is just green grass and a bright blue sky, you shall see the brilliant daybreak.


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