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Is Childhood Anxiety Online Counselling helpful in treating Anxiety?

What is Childhood Anxiety?

It’s quite normal for kids to feel stressed, worried, anxious or restless occasionally – for example, while they’re go to school for the first time, everyday schedule, or changing a school, or moving to another city.

In any case, for certain youngsters, anxiety, nervousness influences their way of behaving and contemplations consistently, obstructing their school, home and public activity. This is the reason at which you might require professional Online counsellor assistance to handle it.

What is the Sign & Symptoms of Childhood Anxiety?

Signs to pay special attention to in your children are:

  • Difficulty to focus and concentrate in studies
  • Not adequate sleep, or waking in that frame of mind with terrible dreams
  • Low appetite or not eating as expected
  • Lack of Confidence, unable to face everyday challenges
  • Rapidly blowing up, getting irritated or bad tempered, and being wild during temper outburst
  • Continually worrying, having excessive fears or having negative thoughts
  • Feeling tense, fidgety and nervous, or utilizing the toilets frequently
  • Continuously crying & cribbing
  • Being tenacious or clinging
  • Reporting regularly about Stomach ache and not feeling well

Why is my child anxious?

Fear of separation or abandonment is normal in kids or younger children, while more older children and teens will generally stress more over school or have social anxiety. Certain children are likely to witness anxiety and worries more than others. Children often find it difficult to accept and may become anxious following a plan to shift house or city on account of transfer of parents or when joining a new school.

Children who have had experienced a traumatic experience, like death of significant care provider, or car accident or fire, may suffer from anxiety afterwards.  Sometime frequent family arguments and conflict can also make children feel insecure, fearful and anxious. It is noted that teenagers are likely to suffer with social anxiety more often than other age children, avoiding social events, gatherings, functions or making excuses to get out of them.

When is anxiety a problem for children?

When anxiety of your child starts to impact in their day-to-day life, it becomes a problem. It is noted that examination or test anxiety is common amongst all children, but there are some who are more anxious to manage to get to school, and become too anxious in writing an examination paper in the form of panic attack like restlessness, increased palpitation etc.

Panic anxiety attacks can harm children’s mental and emotional wellbeing, affecting their self-confidence and self-esteem. They may become socially withdrawn and go to places  to avoid things or situations that make them feel anxious.

How to help your Anxious Child?

The most effective method to help your restless or anxious child is online  counselling. Assuming your child is definitely having problems of anxiety or nervousness, there’s bounty of things you can do to help.

Most importantly, it means quite a bit to have a conversation with your kid or child about their anxiety, uneasiness or stresses. Peruse more about how to help an anxious child and teen, including self-improvement tips for parents of anxious kids.

Numerous kids at various ages might have anxiety that will disappear inevitably, with counselling.

In any case, it’s smart to look for proficient assistance or counselling yourself assuming your kid is continually restless and:

  • It’s not improving, or is deteriorating
  • self-improvement isn’t working
  • It’s influencing their school or everyday life, or their companionships

What causes Anxiety problems in Children & Adolescent?

A few Children & Adolescents are just more restless, anxious and less ready to adapt to pressure than others. Children & Adolescents can likewise get restless and anxious by the behaviour from being around anxious individuals or parents.

A few Children & Adolescents foster anxiety and worries after life threatening or distressing events, for example,

  • Every now and again moving house or school
  • Parents or guardians battling or fighting
  • The death of a direct relation or companion
  • Turning out to be truly sick or getting harmed in a mishap
  • School-related issues like tests or harassing, bullying
  • Being manhandled or dismissed

Children & Adolescents with Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) range issues are bound to definitely disapprove of uneasiness, anxiety and stress.

Where to find best online Child Psychologist for Child Anxiety?

A consultation with a General Medical Attendant is a decent step to begin. You can talk with the General Medical Attendant alone or with your kid.

In the event that the General Medical Attendant consider that your child could have an anxiety uneasiness problem, they might refer your child for an evaluation to Child Psychologist, who is prepared to assist children and adolescent with a large number of issues, including anxiety, depression, stress, academic performance etc.

In the event the Child Psychologist finds that there is need for medication to manage the anxiety and other problems of children, he will refer to Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist for Medication for management of anxiety & nervousness issues in children.  The medication treatment offered will rely upon your kid’s age and the reason for their anxiety & nervousness.

Online Counselling helps your kid with understanding what’s making them anxious, restless, fearful and help them learn to manage what is the triggers for negative thoughts, emotional regulations and modifying their behaviour.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a talking treatment that can assist your Child with dealing with their uneasiness by having an impact on the manner in which they think and act.


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