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Instagram Insights: How to Use Them to Grow Your Business

Instagram Insights are your IG account stats. Find out what they are for and how to read them to make the most of your social communication.

A careful analysis of the Instagram Insights, that is the statistics relating to an Instagram business account, allows you to improve a company’s profile and its communication on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. In this complete guide we will see in detail what Instagram Insights are, what they are for and how to read them in the most correct way.

What are Instagram Insights and what are they for

With Instagram Insights we refer to the analysis tool inside the application owned by Zuckerberg. This tool offers those who manage a company account the opportunity to get to know their audience better, providing information on the followers and the people who interact with the profile.

For example, on Instagram Insights you can find statistical data such as gender, age range and location of these people. Furthermore, it is possible to view statistical data for the Instagram Stories and the specific posts created, in order to monitor the performance of each of them and the ways in which people interact.

More specifically:

  • in the Activities section it is possible to view some statistical data on the company profile such as interactions, profile visits, coverage (the unique users who viewed the posts) and the impressions (the number of times the posts were viewed);
  • in the Contents section it is possible to view statistical data on posts, Stories and promotions;
  • finally, in the public section, you can find information on the people who interact with the account, such as the number of followers, gender, age groups, the most popular places and the period of activity.

Instagram Insights: How to Read and Use Them

Through the statistical data provided by Instagram Insights it is possible to draw up an editorial plan based on a more concrete strategy and on contents that really meet the taste of your audience. Here are the elements that allow you to understand if a content works or not:

  • Impressions – they return a snapshot of the effectiveness with which an account is promoting its content. By analyzing the data of individual posts on the basis of reactions, comments, impressions and many other useful statistics (such as, for example, the number of profile visits after viewing the post) it is possible to have a clearer idea of ​​the most popular content. The ability to monitor the results of posts (and Stories) allows you to perform tests with small variations in graphics or content to refine your editorial strategy;
  • Account interactions – these show people taking actions on the page on different days of the week, which can give you a clue as to when audiences are most likely to interact, although deleting posts in chronological order has changed a bit of this perspective.
  • Finally, the audience of an account are very useful because they help make advertising campaigns more efficient, which can be targeted with greater awareness. Get target audience as you want at buy instagram followers Greece and enjoy fame online.


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