In which video production belfast to work?

In which video production belfast to work?

Independent, within a studio or for a service provider, the video production belfast manager can work in different ways depending on his status or his employer. It is therefore common to see production companies working in conjunction with a video game company. Some major studios, on the contrary, have this talent in-house.

Career developments

By having an overview of all the audiovisual production of a corporate video production, a video production manager can take on responsibilities by becoming responsible for the audiovisual productions of a game, for example, but also create its structure in order to offer its services. to studios. His position may lead him to diversify, particularly in cinema, television or advertising.


The video game production manager can also work in advertising or cinema

The pros and cons

Exercising as a video production manager for video games means accepting its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages :

  • Extensive knowledge of the audiovisual environment and video games
  • Short training possible
  • power of imagination
  • A rather high salary after graduation


  • Supervised imagination and creativity that must comply with precise specifications
  • Know how to adapt to the missions requested: whether for marketing, for video games, for the communication department

Is it possible to be in charge of video production belfast?

In the video production belfast world, it is common to see freelance video game and production managers. Like any profession that operates in this way, it is advisable to multiply for a few years the experiences in companies in order to become familiar with this environment. Then, the project of working independently can materialize. Be careful to know how to discipline yourself, be rigorous in the renderings, and respect the constraints.

In summary

👑 What are the missions of a video game production manager?

He realizes them or gives the directives. The video production belfast manager for the video game is the one who manages the audiovisual elements as a whole (trailer, teaser, cutscene, etc.) that will be visible to a player in his progress in the video game.

It can also work that they serve for the promotion of it. Its mission will therefore be based on the definition of a plot or a synopsis, the organisation and production of filming if necessary, distribution, etc.

A job that can be done independently or as an employee, this image professional must know both video production (writing, directing, editing) and the production chain of a video game. Objectives: make the player want to continue his game or play a video game.

💰 How much does a video game production manager earn?

Junior, can be paid 30,000 euros gross annually. His salary largely depends on several factors: his experience in the field, his employer company, the country in which he works, as well as his status (CDI, CDD, interim, freelance).

On average, in France, we note that a senior profile can earn 45,000 euros per year or 3,750 euros per month.

🧠 What level of study is necessary to be in charge of video production for the video game?

Developing in this position requires mastering audiovisual production (software, writing, etc.) and the production chain of a video game. He must therefore be able to speak and understand the technical languages ​​of both.

You must go through a BTS or a school specializing in video game trades to train. The idea is to choose a Bac +2/Bac +3 type of training. This is what is often sought by companies.

🎓 What baccalaureate do you need to have to become a video production manager for video games?

In high school, the professional future is played out. So, to want to become a video production manager for video games, you will have to take a technological baccalaureate STD2A (Sciences and technologies of design and applied arts) or opt for a general baccalaureate with a speciality in Digital and computer sciences for example. The Arts option is also possible, as is Literature and Philosophy.

📚 What is the training to become a video production manager for video games?

To train for this profession, our G. Art school offers the Audiovisual Bachelor, Talent Video. In three years, this diploma teaches the technical bases and fundamental knowledge—both theoretical and practical contributions.

On the program of our training: learning pre-production, filming, post-production, cinematics and trailer arts, and image culture. The student will thus design a video project from its writing phase to its distribution.

We complete the training with meetings with professionals, immersion on film sets, etc.

Integrating our training requires a minimum of 18 years old only.

🎮 How to become a video production manager for video games?

The objective is to become a video production manager for video games, so you will have to train for this: learn the technical bases of filming, the use of editing software, the possibilities of distribution, etc. . This is a profession that requires a vision of both video game production and audiovisual production.

It is therefore recommended to go through a Bac +2 training before entering the job market.

What our G. Art school offers with its Bachelor Audiovisual, Talent Video training. A three-year degree that leaves plenty of room for practice.

Video production manager

How to become a video production manager for video games?

All the audiovisual communication made around a video game, but also all the video content visible during the phases of the game are the fruit of the video production manager for the video game. To become one, the idea is to choose specialized training in video game professions as with our school G. Art. We thus offer a three-year Bachelor Audiovisual, Talent Video.

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