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How to Write in Urdu Arabic and Persian in Adobe Illustrator

Have you ever thought to change the language font settings of Adobe Illustrator? Are you facing problems when typing Urdu, Arabic, and Persian while working on Adobe Illustrator? Well, I am going to guide you on How to write in Urdu Arabic, and Persian in Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator CC is a vector-based drawing program that allows you to create graphics and images for print, the web, multimedia, and 3D modeling. In this guide, you will learn how to enable and add languages like Urdu, Persian, and Arabic to your Illustrator CC software.

How Adobe Illustrator is Used

You can use Adobe Illustrator to create a variety of digital photos and print images, including cartoons, charts, drawings, graphs, logos, and illustrations. The software allows users to take a photo and use it as a guide for tracing objects in a photo. It also lets you change the color of a photo or create a sketch-like look.

Illustrator is used to designing mockups that represent how a website will look when finished, and to create icons used in applications and websites. Illustrator’s ability to place text around a curve is especially useful for artists creating logos. Because Illustrator allows you to manipulate text in many different ways, it’s a useful tool for creating postcards, posters, and other visual designs that use text and images together.

Steps to Add and Write in Urdu Arabic and Persian in Adobe Illustrator CC

Step 1

To add languages like Urdu, Arabic, and Persian(Farsi), you need to open Adobe Illustrator. Then tap on the Edit menu then go to the last option which is Preference then tap on the type. From there you will see many different options at your disposal, but what you want to do is tap on Advance Settings then check the box next to Save Selection as OpenType Features.

Step 2

The language option allows you to change the font type and size. By tapping on the languages option, you will see the list of available languages. You can select any one of them using the checkmark next to it and then tap on OK.

Step 3

Next, tap on the window menu, then choose the “Type” option. After that, you can select “Paragraph” to set in text or Bold.

Step 4

Now you can compose on your favorite Apple device. Simply type in the Middle Eastern & South Asian Every-line Composer, tap on the four-line icon, and the app will translate your words into the phrase you desire.

Now, you can write in a different and beautiful language without any sort of problem. Select your text tool, choose the keyboard and start writing whatever you want to write in Arabic, Persian, or Urdu. All those languages will work great without any sort of problem.

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