How to upgrade from ITIL certification

The biggest concern for those who are now ITIL Certification is whether the new version will render their existing certificate and credentials invalid. The simple answer is no. All current ITIL v3 certifications will remain valid and professionally relevant. However, it is recommended that any IT professional upgrade their current certification to ITIL 4.

Due to the differences between the fundamental aspects of ITIL Certification and ITIL 4, people with extensive industry experience may wonder if upgrading their credential is worth the time investment. Yes, and in fact, ITIL 4 certification can bring more value to experienced IT staff. Taking a class to speed up is the easiest way to do this.

Philosophical approach to IT

ITSM experts will certainly benefit from their updated functions. Seasoned practitioners understand that career advancement involves adapting to changes in technology and changing their philosophical approach to IT management and what that means for organizations. The more you work in a field, the more “specific” your philosophical perspective becomes. The ITIL 4 certification course can help you overcome this typical career challenge.

Are you ready to take the next step to stay relevant and advance your career in IT management? Here’s what you can expect to learn if you take a course to upgrade from ITIL v3 to ITIL 4.

Why who and what?

You will discover important concepts, principles and modules that will prepare you for and pass the ITIL 4 Foundation exam with certifying training that will allow you to progress from ITIL v3 to ITIL 4.

IT managers, system engineers, process engineers, consultants, database administrators, and service delivery professionals are the professionals involved. In other words, almost everyone in the IT field is looking for a new job.

Certification can also significantly increase an IT professional’s earning power. CompTIA Security+ Course practitioners can earn up to $120,000 per year.

Start preparing for your ITIL 4 certification today

Now that the latest version is out (with more updates on the way), it’s time to join the board and get the ITIL 4 certification you need to thrive in your career as a service professional. computers. Various certification course alternatives are available, and Simplilearn sets the bar by providing access to comprehensive training.

If you’re new to ITIL, Simpliearn’s ITIL 4 Foundation certification course is the perfect place to start.

If you already have ITIL v3 certification, you may be able to upgrade to ITIL 4. So with our ITIL 4 Managing Professional Transition. But module if you meet certain other criteria. Contact Simplilearn today to find out how you can advance your ITSM career.

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