How to Setup & Install Microsoft 365?

Apart from the programmers and the students who pursue a programming course, it is difficult for a layperson to understand the procedures of installing and setting up the Microsoft 365 on a Mac or PC.

 However, Microsoft is part and parcel of every household, academic, and business enterprise. Almost everyone who owns a personal computer or a laptop uses this software at least to write and build spreadsheets.

So, how will a novice install and set up Microsoft 365? Here are the steps to follow:

Microsoft Office 365 – System Requirements

You can download Office 365 domain applications or Office 2016 suit applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., on up to 5 PCs and Mac devices. However, before you download and install Microsoft Office 365, ensure that you have the following system requirements:

  •         Operating system: Windows OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2019 or Windows Server 2016, Mac OSX 10.5.8.
  •         Memory: 4 GB or Higher

Microsoft Office 365Pre-Installation:

If you install Microsoft 365 for the first time, you either have the product key to yourself, or existing users may use their Microsoft account to sign in and redeem the product key.

Microsoft Office 365Sign in and install

To sign in and install in Personal Computer:

  •         Visit and select sign in
  •         Sign in to your personal, work or school account.
  •         Enter the product code
  •         Install Microsoft 365 and let your web browser guide you to download the file.

To sign in and install in Mac:

  •         Visit and sign in to your account – personal, work or school account
  •         Follow the steps that match the type of account you are signed into.
  •         Once signed in, visit the official Microsoft Office and then select Install Microsoft Office 365 to begin the downloading process.

Microsoft office 365 – Install

To install Microsoft Office 365:

  •         Select run in the pop-up dialogue box that prompts you to choose between run, save or cancel the file. It might change with the web browser – Run in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, Setup in Chrome or Save File in Firefox.
  •         Work through the installation process.
  •         Select yes if the user control asks for allowing the app to make changes to the device.
  •         Once the file downloads into your system automatically, the installation process will begin.
  •         Select close once the application plays an animation and displays a closing phrase “You are all set! The Office is installed now!”

 Microsoft office 365 – Activate Office

Now to activate the Microsoft office software, stick to the following steps:

  1. To open an Office app, select the Start button at the lower-left corner of your screen or press the Windows key and type the name of an Office app, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Windows 8 users must type the name of the software on the start screen
  2. Select the icon in the result to open the Office app.
  3. Agree to the license agreement after the Office app opens. The office app is active and ready to use.

Microsoft Office 365 – Set Up for Business

Before setting up Office 365 for Business, you must do some groundwork. It includes:
·         List the persons you want to add to Office 365
·         Notify every employee about their Office 365 user ID and password
·         If you use your business domain name in the Office 365 email, keep your domain registration site and its information handy.

Move domain to Office:

  1.     Move a domain to Office all at once

If you want to move your business domain information all at once, run the Office 365 setup wizard and work as it prompts to set up the domain.

  1. Move domain to Office gradually

To move your office domain information gradually, take the following steps:

  •         Input your employees to office 365 for prompt download and installation of domain applications.
  •         Download and install the Office apps to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your computer and devices.
  •         Install Skype for Business to use for your meetings.
  •         Move your content to Office 365 cloud storage (OneDrive or team sites).
  •         And, when you’re ready, run the Office 365 setup wizard to move your domain and email.

Now you are ready to use Office 365.

Signing off,

If you are a novice in program setups; you have not done any game development course , you might find it challenging to set up and install Microsoft 365.

However, the task is not very difficult if you stick to the simple steps discussed above.

Author Bio: Charley Reiley  is a lecturer at an engineering college in the UK. He is also supervises the software testing course solution of an academic assistance company in the country. To connect with him, you may send your queries to

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