How To Dress For The Festive Season With A Kurti

Kurtas are the go-to clothes for all the comfort during that particular season, regardless of the weather. To blend well and look good in a festive wear Kurtis, always wear it with matching salwar or leggings. However, for festivals, choose one of the over a million styling options to achieve an exciting yet superb look.

Break free from the monotony of kurta pairing options with churidar, and experiment with new twists to give your kurta that stunning result. Experiment with new festive styles for your kurta collection to upgrade your wardrobe. Here are some helpful kurta styling tips for the holiday season.

  • Select the bare look

As the festivals approach, one way to get some new garb is to shop for festival ethnic wear online and offline stores. You can also try styling your long kurta and wearing it bare to take advantage of its length. Wearing a kurta as a dress is an excellent choice for the festival and days when you are unsure what to wear.

This tip, of course, is not to pair it with anything other than cycling short. It’s a great way to highlight your kurta’s beautiful hemline and turn it into a statement piece.

This midi-length dress is ideal for the summer months. Accessorize it correctly, and if it is embellished, you can also wear it to a wedding party.

  • Agree on the skirt

This winning combination of a kurta and a skirt is ideal for festivals and when you want to look both classic and unique. Choose long, printed, flared skirts to go with your kurta for a seamless look. This look is comfortable and can be styled in various ways for different looks.

A long kurta with slits paired with a long skirt in a contrasting color is ideal for festival wear as well as family gatherings. A matching print kurta and skirt, optionally, give you a flawless look that, when well-accessorized, gives you an elegant finish.

  • Try on jeans

Whether plain or ripped, Jeans never seem to go out of style. The beauty of jeans is that your style influences where you can wear them. When dressing for a festival, everyone strives to look classy with a touch of Indian flair, if not wholly ethnic.

A kurta with ripped or plain jeans is a sophisticated and daring way to dress. While you run errands in preparation for the festival. Accessorize your kurta with a pair of jeans and a stole.

Furthermore, this kurta jeans blend has numerous ways to jazz up your look and achieve a fantastic festival look.

  • Think about layering

Because of the kurta is available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. Use this new classic tip to layer it differently than the traditional nude sweater over the kurta. It would be best if you did layering correctly for a beautiful outfit to result.

Layering can be accomplished by wearing an organza salwar suit with a gilet. In contrast, a long flared print kurta with or without matching pants and a gilet is a lovely look. On the other hand, a jacket is a win, as is a top-to-toe coordinated ensemble. Whether the kurta is long or short, pairing it with a contrasting jacket is key.

  • Explore with dhoti pants 

Dhoti pants enhance the beauty of any ensemble with which they are paired. Many women have adored the beautiful pleats on these pants since the 1980s. Adding a dhoti kurta blend to your wardrobe is never a bad idea. They are unisex, comfortable, and make a bold fashion statement that you will fall in love with at first sight. You can wear Dhoti pants with a variety of outfits. Please choose one of your regular kurtas and pair it with dhoti pants for a classic festive look with the right accessories.

  • Consider wearing palazzo pants

Leggings and salwars are the most common ways to wear festive wear Kurtis. As a result, wearing palazzo pants with your kurta will break the monotony. Palazzos are a genius fashion invention that elevates your look and any outfit you pair them with.

  • Cigarette pants 

End the problem of what to wear them with by trying cigarette pants for a new look. They are the ideal pair if you want to experiment with an Indo-western look for your festival attire. Although they appear formal, they are more elegant than traditional salwar due to the stylish fitting. Try the organza salwar suit to look stunning in an instant.

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