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How to be healthy in life

Health is wealth there is no doubt about it. Having everything in life but down fall in physical or mental health is like nothing is worth to live a life. So, we are going to discuss about how to be healthy in life to enjoy movement better. Many of you must have some stories or myths related to your health life, but in this article whatever we discuss, we will discuss on the basis of facts.

The question why should we focus on our health? The answer of this question is that our health is our essence. The second name of life is health. You can consider health as an source of our being. Over the last few years it has been found that humans are much weak physically or mentally as comparison to the past. There are multiple reasons that why it has happened.

Look physical or mental health is not different from each other. People prefer to take natural therapies as well to improve their overall health. Both are the different side of one coin. We need to understand that both works for each other. For example, if your digestion is not good then you mood will also not be good. In the same way, if you have a headache then physically you will feel very low or down.

Here are 4 way to be healthy in life all the time

1)  Fresh food- Yes fresh food or quality food. We all live in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or etc., where we are busy in our work in our education, lifestyle or many more. Meanwhile being busy in this hectic schedule we forget about our health and get indulged into those activities which are not good for us. Food is the source of energy in our body and stables us. But we all have a habit of eating junk food like pizza, burger, fries or many other oily stuffs.

We don’t have any idea that how soft our organs are and we should take care of them by avoiding oily food or junk food. Try to ear heathy or fresh food or avoid frozen food as well.

2) Sleep- Sleep is like a re-energetic source for us. A doctor’s study says that at least we should take a sleep for 8 hours in a day to feel better. You go to office, work harder throughout the whole day and don’t get the enough sleep at night, how you body will be like?

Sleep is the best medicine for our physical or mental health. If you have ever taken the enough sleep then you must have realized that how good does it feel. You feel full of energy through out the whole day. Some people find it very hard to sleep early at night. In that case, you should start workout in the evening. If you workout intensively then you body will get tired and you will experience a  well quality sleep.

3) Phone addiction- With the pace of time, technology has also grown up and helps us in many ways. But what if you start misusing this technology? It will destroy us. We are doing the same thing you are using technology for our entertainment. Most of the people feel lazy or mentally disturbed but they don’t know that why this is happening. Rays which come directly from the phone’s screen may damage your eyes gradually.

Try to use you mobile phone when it’s required otherwise keep it inside of your pocket. You can spend you time by reading some fantastic books which can actually impact in your life in a constructive way.

4) Be Hydrate- Lack of water inside of your body will lead your health down. Doctors always suggest to drink water at least 3 liters in a water everyday. Our body is made up of 70% of water.  Having a required amount of water in your body keeps you away from many deceases like dehydration, body infection, food positioning or many more.

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