How Do I Get Rid of Duplicate Files On My PC?

Duplicate files or documents are indeed a constant source of frustration for windows users, irrespective of the computer or OS they use. Two copies or duplicates not only use storage space or extra space, however they also make a computer  sluggish & clog the HDD, thus searching for the data becomes harder. To fix the problem, delete duplicate files or folders from your system manually or with the duplicate file finder application.

Manually removing duplicates can indeed be time-consuming. Nevertheless, with the best duplicate file detecting and removal tool, like Duplicate Files Fixer, is the best duplicate media remover that can easily remove duplicate images, videos, documents, music, & other files.

Let’s check out Duplicate Files Fixer, that is a tried-and-true method for removing duplicate files.

How Duplicate Files are created made in Windows computer?

Duplicates develop on any computer over time. This might occur as a consequence of –

  • Making multiple duplicates of the exact same shot
  • There are many backups of the exact same data.
  • Storing the exact file numerous times to different directories, etc.

We’ll teach you how to identify & remove these unwanted files from the computer using the best tool.

The Most Convenient method for eliminating Duplicate Files is by using Best Duplicate File Finder::

Duplicate Files Fixer (DFF) is a sophisticated programme that detects identical copies of photos, videos, files, documents, audio, and other files. The duplicate file finder could also search hard drives, external drives, cloud storage, & USB devices. Simply drag  and then drop files/folders to scan, & our duplicate discovery application will handle the rest. Now let’s have a glance at Duplicate Files Fixer’s characteristics:

Detects duplicates precisely: Duplicate Files Fixer employs an innovative algorithm to discover duplicate files rather than traditional criteria such as name & size.

Detects a variety of file formats: This duplicate file finding tool can detect duplicate documents, images, video & audio files, & other types of files.

Folders to exclude: Folder restriction is a characteristic of Duplicate File Fixer (DFF) that enables users to omit directories on purpose. This reduces the time & effort required to remove all copies/duplicates first from final output.

Makes a backup: The utility can back up any discovered duplicates before removing them. Such backup could be used to restore files if necessary, or they can be destroyed once you’ve confirmed that the restore or backup folder that includes duplicates.

External HDD are scanned: This utility, unlike others, finds and eliminates duplicate files/copies from external HDD, pen drives, & another storage devices.

Steps to remove Duplicate Files on Windows computer by Duplicate Files Fixer

  • Install Duplicate Files Fixer (DFF) by clicking on the link below.
  • Follow on-screen instructions. After installing the application, select scan mode.

Duplicate Files Fixer

  • Check Computer, Dropbox or Google Drive, and then Add a Folder to the option add a folder so that duplicates can be scanned. Users could also scan the files by dragging & dropping the files into the tool.
  • After that, pick Scan for Duplicates & then wait for scan results to complete.

Duplicate File Finder

  • Wait till the scan is done, you’ll see complete list of copies/duplicates that have been categorized. You may choose between deleting tabs and deleting all files.

duplicate file found

  • Inspect each one by double-clicking it. You will see a preview will be seen in the right pane.
  • Select the copies/duplicates to remove them. And I f manually selecting duplicates is onerous, then use the Automark option. This will help with duplicate auto-selection, that will ensure only one duplicate of the each group to be secure (unselected)

remove duplicate file

  • Automark includes a number of tools for identifying duplicates and utilizing them as required.

Duplicate Files Fixer file

  • After selecting the duplicates/copies, click Delete Marked, and then approve the action, & wait for the process to finish.

remoer duplicate file

  • You will then receive a report of the act taken.

install Duplicate Files Fixer

  • Click Ok to go back to the results result window. Here to make new folders, just click on Back button, & then restart the processes to remove duplicate files.


We believe you’ve already worked out how to delete duplicate files on Windows computer. As recommended, you can utilize Duplicate Files Fixer (DFF), the best tool for finding and eliminating duplicates. You may search your PC, Dropbox, or Google Drive, for duplicates & delete them with a couple of clicks.

With Duplicate Files Fixer (DFF) software installed & running on your computer, removing duplicate files is a simple. To ensure optimal performance of the system, it’s critical to keep the computer clutter-free. Furthermore, if you use (SSD) solid-state drives, obtaining additional storage may be pricey. As a reason, and it is always best to keep the drive optimized with an application that has a money-back guarantee & specializes in removing duplicate files.

We think that you’ve found the information useful & will use (DFF) Duplicate Files Fixer. Therefore please share your thoughts about the application in the comments section.

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