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How Close Should You Place Your Air Purifier To Sleep?

Air Purifier

According to Consumer Reports, you should place your air purifier for home service about 18 inches away from your face. That is assuming that you want to sleep under it or by it at night. If you’re just trying to purify one room or a small area, your best bet may be a wall-mounted model. Try to place it where people spend most of their time and keep in mind that certain types work best in specific areas such as bedrooms or kitchens.

There will always be trade-offs between types; for example, HEPA filters may remove more particulate matter from the air but they’re also more expensive and take longer to clean. This guide will help you find one that works well for your situation! However, if you don’t have any pre-existing health conditions and your house isn’t very dirty or dusty, it’s probably not worth getting one. Air purifiers will remove dust particles from your home but will also attract dirt in more areas of your home. You should use it in a home accordingly. 


How Can I Tell If My Purifier Is Working?

There are a few telltale signs that your bästa luftrenare is working. One is that you can smell a faint clean smell when you walk into your house. This fresh scent indicates that pollutants aren’t lingering in your home after you’ve left for work or school. Another sign is seeing a visible reduction in dust on surfaces throughout your home—especially carpeted areas. The last sign to look out for is experiencing less respiratory irritation during cold and flu season, as well as allergies, which tend to be worse when air pollution levels are high outside.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of luftrenare för hemtjänsten on today’s market. The best air purifier for your bedroom may be one that comes with a sleep-focused filter, like Winix HEPA-OdorCell. This type of device uses Odor Cell technology to target and capture odors while letting clean, filtered air pass through. This type is a great choice if you or anyone else in your family is sensitive to chemical odors or has allergies. If it’s allergy season and you wake up feeling stuffy from hay fever every morning, consider investing in a good unit to help reduce allergens before they even get into your room and nose!

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