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How Are Ai Technology Health Check Ups Useful?

Artificial intelligence technologies are now being steadily applied to healthcare. The use of artificial intelligence in the field of healthcare will enable the healthcare providers in a variety of aspects like patient care as well as the administrative processes, and help them to improve on the solutions that are existing. People are now realising the capability of AI-enabled clinical applications. There has been a rise in the influence of artificial intelligence in healthcare in the following ways.

The biggest application of artificial intelligence in healthcare is the ability in helping people stay in the best shape.  There are a variety of healthcare apps that encourage a lifestyle healthy among individuals. Artificial healthcare has helped in the improvement of surgical performance. AI reduced has decreased the variations in cases and helped in the improvement of the effectiveness of the best surgeons also. AI technology health check up has already improved the early detection of critical diseases like cancer.

Diagnosis of diseases in the AI technology health check up

Machine learning is a common type of artificial intelligence in the field of healthcare. There are many approaches and versions to AI and healthcare technology. Accurate diagnosis of diseases requires many years of medical training and expertise. Diagnosis is a long process that takes a lot of time. Most of the times, there is a lot of demand for experts who can diagnose diseases. Therefore, there is pressure on the doctors and this can lead to delays in life-saving diagnostics. The method of Machine Learning and in particular Deep Learning algorithms have made great advances recently in the automatic diagnosis of diseases. Hence, AI technology health check up has made diagnostics affordable and accessible to more people. The applications of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare promise improvement in the success rate of clinical trials, inexpensive healthcare, and good quality of life.

How does AI help healthcare?

Machine Learning algorithms are programmed to see the patterns in the same way as the doctors will see them.  There are many advantages of AI in healthcare as follows –

  • Healthcare professionals are able to make fast as well as better informed decisions about all operational tasks.
  • The care quality will be improved as doctors will be able to concentrate on their patients.
  • Patients who are suffering from critical conditions are able to receive care on time as a result of the priority given to requests as well as automated patient discharge
  • The operational costs will be reduced because of fewer human resources that are required to keep a practice going.

Why is a health screening test essential?

  • Protection of a person’s health: Identify the health problems in the beginning which will help in managing as well as protecting your health in a better way.
  • We understand our health situation: A health screening test that is performed every year will make us more aware of our health.
  • Timely identification: A regular health check-up enables the identification of diseases in the early stages, of which a person may be unaware because of no signs and symptoms.
  • Effective management of health: A health screening that is done every year will help in the on-time detection and hence, better management of a person’s health.

What does a regular health screening include?

Getting regular health screenings done can help to detect any early signs of illnesses even if a person does not show any symptoms. The doctor will note the person’s medical history, his family member’s medical history, as well as his lifestyle – his diet, weight, the amount of physical activity, consumption of alcohol, and his smoking habits. He will advise you on the frequency of going in for health screenings.

If you want to go for a full body check-up, then you can select a good full body health screening package. It is important to compare different packages when you are selecting the package. Keep a note of all the factors like the cost, number of tests and kinds of tests that are included, the service provider standing, etc. You can then select a good health screening test and book it.


The possibility of both AI, as well as robotics in healthcare, is quite vast. AI technology health check up will foster healthy habits in people and also help with the management of a healthy lifestyle proactively. It will put the people in better control of their health as well as their well-being. Healthcare professionals are able to offer effective guidance and support for people to stay healthy. People can choose from a wide range of health screening packages in their city that are available according to their personal health requirements. In today’s fast and stressful lives, people tend to avoid taking care of their health and may eventually pay a heavy price for their negligence. Never take health for granted and the best thing to do is to for the preventive health checkups regularly whenever it is possible.

Nura – A unit of Fujifilm DKH LLP

NURA is India’s first Ai based health screening centre. It is a collaboration between Fujifilm, world leaders in cutting edge intelligent imaging and medical technologies and Dr Kutty's Healthcare, an institution with deep roots in healthcare space. We have a shared goal of creating a culture of early screening. We want to secure the lives of people while providing an accessible and high-quality healthcare experience. With NURA, we bring years of screening knowledge from Japan, its cutting-edge technology, and the warmth of its hospitality.

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